7 Tiny Ways To Infuse Some Savagery Into Your Life

We are born to be savage.

Infusing savagery into life. Javon Swaby | Pexels

Despite modern changes, who we are as humans, and what we need have not changed. If it has, it will only be fractional. We are our ancestors. We are ancient people trapped in modern cities. We are born to be savage. We come alive when we allow this part of our nature to rise within us. 

Here are the 7 ways to infuse some savagery into your lives:

1. Do what you said you’d do

Why will this make you more savage? Because you’re living an honest life. You’re not lying to yourself or those around you. You say what you plan to do, and you’ll say it in a way that raises the hairs on your neck because it should be daunting. In a world of lies and laziness, this is a savage act.


2. Prioritize assertiveness

You don’t need to beat your chest and smash windows on your way to work to live a savage modern life. Savagery is about relishing and nurturing the assertive side of your nature. This means becoming 0.5% more assertive every day. Assertiveness is a driving and enlivening force. It will wake you up and move those around you like magic. Pick up your socks when yesterday you skipped it. Call that prospect. Write that article and finish it. We’re all born assertive but then we allow life to knock us back, so we become scared. Fight back. Relocate your assertiveness in small steps.


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3. Make peace with ‘boring’ consistency

Look at those people around you who are soft. They tend to wait for good things to happen to them. Savage success isn’t an event. You create it by being consistent. You are so consistent that people think you’re boring. Dull diligence in a lost world is the savage move. This is how you see real, gradual wins — each one switching you on a little more than the last.

4. Stop trying

Own your moves at whatever level you’re at. This will enliven you. You must simply do things. Commit and do. Commit and do. Don’t try.

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5. Find your enemy

Enemies are underrated. Identifying your enemies is one of the most powerful ways to create leverage and excitement in your life. Our ancestors were able to create remarkable things and survive in terrible circumstances. How? Because their enemies, whether tigers, bad weather, pests, or other tribes, forced them to toughen. For most of us, our enemy is just our mind. Who are your haters? Who doubted you? No need to attack them physically. You needn’t even hate them. They can be a friend you compete against. Use them. Become strong, so you can beat them. Have something to prove. This is where there is power in the ego.

6. Commit today to elite health

Most people struggle with their health because they’re doing — in their minds — ‘just enough’ to stave off misery. Why stop at the halfway point? Decide to become elite. Cut out all the crap. Dedicate your life to physical mastery. Stop drinking just so you can fit in with your friends. Stand out and own it. Become so healthy that you turn heads. But most of all, do it so you feel great. The better you feel — both mentally and physically — the easier it is to live well.

Too Many Of Us Are Just Coasting. Here Are Seven Ways To Infuse Some Savagery Into Your Lives Just dance / Shutterstock


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7. Learn about your ancestors

It’s a lot easier to get interested in our savage natures when we understand those people who came before us.

  • What does your 23 and Me DNA data show?
  • Where are you from?
  • What lands did your people roam, and what is the history?
  • What did they fight for?
  • What was life like for them?

Just because we live in modern times does not mean that the needs of our ancestors aren’t any longer running through us. Refuse to conform. You don’t need to walk around with a club and a Fred Flintstone shawl, but speak to your ancestors and allow them to guide you in return. Embrace your savagery. You are not lost. We are all connected in time.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.