7 Tiny Signs You Might Just Make It

You're on the right track; don't give up now.

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Life can be hard. Whether you grew up in a terrible situation or had it handed to you on a plate, your attitude determines much of how you experience life. This is awesome news because it means that much of how things turn out depends on you.

Here are 7 tiny signs you might just make it:

1. You find the patience in yourself to regularly look at perceived failures calmly

After the initial disappointment has worn off, you can think logically rather than emotionally. In this state, you can see how this setback has taught you something. It always does; you will find it if you look for it.


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2. Blaming anyone else for your challenges no longer strikes you as empowering or meaningful

Doing so seems out of touch with a wiser, more resilient part of you who is willing to take responsibility for it all, no matter what.


3. You see how your life may be unfolding for you in the best way it could

You let go of resisting every little thing just because it initially did not appear ideal. You see what life shows you rather than what it denies you.

4. Your wisdom increasingly takes over the reins once firmly held in place by closed-thinking

In line with this, you react less and create more. The gap that separates an immediate, thoughtless reaction from a critical word is widening. You have more time and space to compose yourself so you can continue your day.

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5. You worry less, or you are more conscious than you once were about how unhelpful worrying is

You understand that worry is a misuse of your imagination, which can be put to far better use. Instead of worrying so much, as you used to, you now allow solutions to come effortlessly to you. They do when you return to getting on with your day.


6. Your relationship with uncertainty is moving from fear to acceptance

You will never know how things will unfold — not in a year or five minutes. Not knowing is a curious and inevitable feature of life on this Earth. Because you have accepted this, you find yourself more at peace, more of the time.

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7. You find yourself more willing to embrace the perceived discomfort of right now instead of knee-jerk reacting to various shiny escapes

You’re starting to see the abundance available to you in the present, and you make more time for it. It may feel tense at first, but with patience, you begin to see an incredible opening to creativity and optimism in this small space.


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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.