10 Tiny Phrases To Repeat When Life Gets Insanely Crazy

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Man in yoga pose re-centering himself

We all have overwhelming days that make it easy to get stuck in our heads. Sometimes we find ourselves ruminating on a person, place, or thing. We replay conversations and go over the things we "should" have said. We think about the past. We think about the future. We forget about the present. And, we focus on the problem, imagined or real. Within seconds, the spin begins and we can go from sanity to insanity in less time than it takes to light a match.

What I know is that there is always a moment, no matter how brief, where a choice is made. I can choose to fall down the rabbit hole with the mad hatter or I can pause and mindfully reset my thinking and move forward. Here is a list of ten of my favorite one-liners that help me put things into perspective and get re-centered.

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Here are 10 tiny phrases to repeat when life gets insanely crazy:

1. First things first

While there may be a lot of stressful things in your life, it's important to realize that you can't do everything at once. Try to realize what needs to be done first, and go from there.



2. How important is it?

If something is bothering you and taking up all of your time, try to sit back and wonder if it's as important as you think it is.

3. Feelings aren’t facts

Just because you feel and think a certain way about yourself and your life, doesn't mean it's true.

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4. HALT: Am I hungry, angry, lonely, or tired?

If you find yourself grumpy a lot, there may be a simple solution, like a nap or a meal.



5. My ego is not my amigo

Your ego tells you lies. It's not your friend.

6. A bad moment doesn’t mean I have a bad life

Everyone has embarrassing and bad moments. That doesn't mean your whole life is bad.

7. WAIT: Why am I talking/texting?

Maybe it's time to take a step back and think before you speak or send that text.

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8. It’s not personal

What people think of you has nothing to do with you, it's never personal.

9. Right size instead of supersizing the problem

Try not to make a problem bigger than it is.

10. Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

This week when you find yourself in a challenging situation, take a moment to pull out one of these tools from your toolbox so that you can reset and steady yourself. What tool or phrase do you use when you feel like your hair is on fire? 

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Gretchen Hydo is a certified professional coach, keynote speaker, nationally syndicated advice columnist, and thought leader.