7 Tiny Habits Of People Who Are The Least Overwhelmed By Life

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Do you often get overwhelmed by the stimulations of the world? Have you ever felt like there’s something uniquely different about you? Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the stimulations of life and other people? Did people ever criticize you for being too ‘shy’ or too sensitive?

Like me, and around 15% of the population, you could be what they call: a ‘highly sensitive person’ (HSP). No biggy — this means you’re pretty awesome because your senses are highly attuned. It’s an evolutionary survival thing, and it means you notice the small details and all the benefits this brings.

However, to live enriching lives, we must maintain helpful daily habits.

Here are 7 tiny habits of people who are the least overwhelmed by life:

1. They exercise regularly 

Many may view exercise as adding stress and strain to an already stressful day. This is false. Exercise is vital for strengthening the mind and body. Positive chemicals introduced through training leads to more calm, clearer thoughts, and a lifted mood.

Since HSPs are prone to a sedentary life, exercise cannot be ignored. Ideally, vigorous exercise with sweat. Sweat releases toxins and toxins I have found exasperate my nervous system response. This makes me more prone to anxiety, so activity is vital. Even if it’s a 15-minute walk, especially out in the sunlight, this will make a difference.



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2. They carve out alone time

It is vital for us to regularly interact with other humans. We are all social beings, and being HSP doesn’t give us a free pass to become a lifelong hermit. However, I believe time spent in solitude every day for at least an hour is a crucial habit. Use your lunch hour for a walk in the park, for example.

Alone time allows us to decompress after social stimulation, giving us time to use our powerful internal processing and uninterrupted imagination while also giving us the strength and rejuvenation to be more effective when we are no longer alone.

3. They meditate

Every morning I meditate for 8 minutes. It’s not much, and I could do far more, but it centers me for the day. I also maintain as much awareness of my surroundings throughout the day as I can, regularly checking into the sights and sounds around me. I let go often of the need to chew on thoughts, as I am prone to do. This makes a massive difference and relaxes me.

HSPs who forget to do this can find themselves winding up like an antique clock as the day progresses, and this will destroy your health. Make use of your heightened senses. Breathe. Be present.

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4. They recharge

Because we have a more amped-up nervous system (documented), we are quicker to feel the impact of life’s stresses and stimulations. Recharging to maintain equilibrium is a higher priority.

A nap isn’t always necessary, but I find that a quick 12 minutes around lunch gives me a helpful reset, refreshing my mind and body for the rest of the day.

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5. They journal

I am highly analytical, and I am prone to overthinking and holding a lot of stuff in my thoughts. Journaling and note-taking have proven to be powerful antidotes to this, and I find it invaluable to offload many of my challenges, doubts, and worries onto paper every day.

The act eases my tension and makes it easier to come to positive solutions as I write what worries me. I often find my answer. It is also rewarding to document some of the day’s successes and experiences (even small) for a pleasant sense of accumulation and recording for later reference.

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6. They read

Many may view this as less of a priority, and indeed it might be. It is still a vital daily habit for me, whether enjoying a few pages of non-fiction or fiction. When I am not feeding my imaginative and active mind new ideas and visions, I am more likely to allow my thoughts to run in an unhelpful direction, namely toward worry.

If reading isn’t for you, go for something that affords an escape that is not overly stimulating, like a game of sudoku or — dare I say it: Wordle.

7. They crave self-expression

With an internally focused life, we can forget to outwardly express ourselves. This is a vital release that can lead to a stunted and depressing existence. Through years of living in my sensitivity, I’ve found an emptiness develops when I haven’t created or expressed myself in a while.

We can’t sit in a room all day thinking. To be human is to create, play, and express. Writing, video speeches, and drawing do it for me, but regular social expression with friends is also vital.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient. 

This article was originally published at Medium. Reprinted with permission from the author.