12 Things Men Are Dying To Tell You (But Are Afraid To Say Out Loud)

Here are the things he really wants to say.

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One thing that always tends to be striking about society is how much we often want to say, but can't out of fear of judgment.

We often want to tell guys we like them, but can't because we don't want to see them call us "clingy" or reject us.

Similarly, there are a lot of things that guys wish they could tell girls, but they genuinely can't bring themselves to do it.

Ever wonder what guys want to tell girls? Here's the truth behind what every man has wanted us to know at least once in their life.


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Here are 12 things men are dying to tell you, but are afraid to say out loud:

1. "We envy you for the fact that people offer you so much emotional support."

Women get a lot more emotional support, compliments, and care than men do. Men, societally speaking, are supposed to be able to be stoic and stone-faced regardless of what happens. Unfortunately, that often means that people ignore their emotional needs while giving aid to women... and guys often envy that.


2. "Yes, we're insecure about our junk."

It doesn't matter if he's packing 2 inches or 14 inches. He will be worried about its ability to please another person. As a result, you want to make sure he knows you're happy with what he's got.

3. "Please don't expect us to be psychic in bed! Tell us what you want and we'll likely do it."

Guys are not mind-readers. They wish they were, but the truth is that they don't know what it feels like. Because they don't have girl parts, we have to guide them and tell them what we want them to do. They don't take it as an insult. They're actually relieved when they get some guidance.

4. "We actually do want love as much as you do."

It's true, or at least that's what they keep telling us.

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5. "We do want commitment... but most of us are terrified of committing to the wrong woman."

When a guy ends up with the wrong woman, the consequences are pretty dire. They can lose their kids, their house, and even their career. As a result, they tend to be a lot more cautious about who they commit to, and some might even shy away from the altar their entire lives.

6. "We will let you know, straight up, if we want to commit to you."

They will lock you down and make it very clear that you're "The One" for them. If they're hemming and hawing, it's time to leave for someone who chooses you.

7. "We don't have a great idea how to handle you if you're crying or angry."

It's true. Most men want to run in the opposite direction when they see an angry or upset girl. It scares them because they don't know how to handle the situation.

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8. "We're terrified of being outdone by you."

It's true. Most men like the idea of a female who can do it all, but the fact is that they don't usually like to feel like they compete. That doesn't mean you should dumb yourself down. Rather, that means you need to find an equal.

9. "We want you to pursue us, but only to a point."

Guys are natural chasers which means that you chasing them doesn't bode well for your potential relationship if it's a long-term habit. However, most guys will be really relieved if they have a girl approach them for a date. Asking girls out is nerve-wracking for them, so it's OK to take that pressure off them.

10. "Whether we want to admit it or not, we'll only respect you if you put your foot down."

Doormats aren't sexy. You might be worried about being mean, but it's better to be mean to him than to let him walk all over you. A guy will only respect you if you dump him for his bad behavior and make a point not to take him back. Is this fair? No. Guys should be smarter than to lose out due to their bad behavior. But it's the only way many men might learn.

11. "We really wish it was OK to show our feelings."

Most guys wish they could show their feelings and have it be socially acceptable. Unfortunately, they're taught to be emotionally stolid from a young age, and that doesn't bode well for opening up. So, many are ashamed to show how they feel, even though it's totally normal to feel that way.


12. "Compliment us. Our egos are fragile."

Most men really don't get many genuine compliments. If you do this, he will likely get obsessed with you and want to be with you for a very, very long time.

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