4 Harsh Things To Consider Before 'Speaking' With Your Dead Loved Ones Using A.I.

I use my intuition to help clients, and there's something key you need to know before you try artificial intelligence for dealing with grief.

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Have you heard about AI tools that let you speak to people who have passed on? Using voice recordings collected when they were living, you can now bring your loved one “back to life” to speak with them again.

If you never got the chance to say goodbye or to share your true feelings, this technology now makes it possible. You can finally convey everything you wanted to say when they were alive but never did. Sharing your deepest feelings might have been difficult before for many reasons, but now you have a chance to get it right.


Some people may have been holding onto anger if the relationship was contentious. Maybe it was hard to express yourself due to past confrontations or a lack of confidence. AI eliminates these concerns about having those deep conversations you missed out on.

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As someone who uses my intuition for myself and others, I occasionally connect with a deceased loved one on behalf of a client. However, I wouldn’t call myself a 'psychic medium'. That title is reserved for people with specific skill that requires gathering evidence to prove you are speaking with the person you say your are.


When I wanted to speak with my grandmother after she passed, I visited a psychic medium. And in a recent psychic reading, my mom talked the whole time! The psychic said my mom was giving her the information and it sure seemed like her, based on how she used words and her tone.

So, while talking to the dead through a medium or AI seems harmless and offers a level of comfort to the bereaved, there are a few reasons why this is NOT such a good idea. In fact, it could actually be harmful. This is particularly true for AI-generated conversations.

Of course, these comparisons come from the perspective that you are a believer in life after death, communication with the other side, and the abilities of psychic mediums. Not everyone is, and that is okay.

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Four serious warnings to heed before using AI to 'talk' to your dead loved ones

1. AI has no consciousness

AI only delivers based on the data provided. Consciousness is part of the living (and spirit), and no computer can generate that. When you load old recordings into the AI software to speak to a loved one who passed, what comes back to you might sound creative and endearing, but will not have the consciousness of the individual.

That’s why speaking to your loved one through AI vs. visiting a reputable, evidence-based psychic medium will never be the same. The medium is in touch with the spirit of your loved one (consciousness) vs. extrapolating conversation based on recordings. The messages that are delivered by the psychic medium are direct from the other side and real.

Evidentiary mediums provide proof of who they are talking with before conveying any messages. They focus on getting important details that reassure you of the accuracy of their connection to the person who passed.

You’ll likely hear details of how your loved one looked, dressed, their hobbies, and things they enjoyed and spent time doing. That evidence might include something in your home that a medium would have no way of knowing about.


I had a session once with a psychic medium who asked if I had a yellow smiley coffee cup in my home. Yes, I did! That was so specific, I was astonished! There were other clues that were “right on the money”, convincing me about who was speaking from across the veil.

After someone passes, they go through their own healing process, gaining a greater perspective and understanding of your relationship. This is why even a difficult person can speak through a medium in a more loving, caring way than they ever could in life.

2. It might give you a false sense of connection

With AI, you may be tempted to talk to your loved one often, which could give you a false sense of still being connected to the deceased. This could interfere with your natural and necessary grieving process.

Each step of grief needs to be worked through to complete the healing. People usually work with psychic mediums occasionally, vs. the continuous access AI offers. The grief process can be assisted or augmented with mediumship. However, AI could hinder your healing if you sidestep grief by soothing yourself with these false interactions.


This could also be true if you have frequent psychic medium readings. You don't want to become reliant on AI or readings because both could interfere with working through grief if overused.

3. AI doesn't always have access to accurate information 

There is a risk to relying on a technology-driven replacement and leaning on it for advice and guidance. It’s essential to keep in mind that these conversations are based on the limited historical recordings that you fed the AI software.

The original wisdom and consciousness you once depended on is no longer behind the technologically generated words, making the advice invalid. You could easily allow yourself to go down the wrong path, generated by AI, and not your loved one.

4. AI does not care about your feelings

The majority of psychic mediums are caring individuals who offer this connection with the other side out of love and service. On the other hand, there’s no one watching out for you with AI-created conversations. For someone who is not coping well with a death, this could be emotionally devastating.


If you decide to try this new AI technology to speak with your deceased loved one, just be wary that there are potential emotional risks. The same is true if you rely on regular mediumship readings.

In life, the more you stand on your own two feet and are responsible for your decisions, the better off you are. If you are not coping well with your grief, please be sure to reach out to a mental health professional to get the help you need.

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Ronnie Ann Ryan is an Intuitive Coach and Past Life Reader. She is the creator of the audio course How to Ask the Universe for a Sign. More information on Ronnie Ann and her work is available on her website