The Genius Way To Become The Smartest Person In The Room

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Everyone would like to believe that they are the smartest person in the room. But the truth is that only about 0.25% of the population have the necessary IQ of 140 or above to be considered geniuses.

According to scientists, our ability to think and recall information peaks around the age of 20. But other aspects of our intellect can increase for much longer.

In the 1960s, a Russian neuropsychologist by the name of Dr. Vladimir Raikov developed a mind-power technique he coined as the Raikov effect.

What is the Raikov effect?

The Raikov effect should not be confused with the Law of Attraction.

The Raikov effect is a manufactured hypnosis that allows you to think and believe as another person.

In simpler words, you are assuming the role of someone else. The purpose is to heal any negativity in users’ subconscious minds and increase their abilities.

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You pretend through actions and thoughts, as if you have already achieved your goal and continue that way until you actually reach it.

With the Raikov effect, you essentially become someone you admire. You program your mind to experience the world through their minds, including the characteristics and traits you want for yourself.

For instance, you want the genius of Einstein or the musical capabilities of Michael Jackson. The Raikov effect lets you "walk a mile in their shoes."

How does the Raikov effect work?

In the 1960s and 1970s, Dr. Raikov collaborated with Czech psychologist, Dr. Milan Ryzl, to figure out how the mind works.

In an experiment conducted, they were able to convince college students that they were a different person.

One of the subjects was a female physics student who Dr. Raikov was able to influence into believing she was a world-renowned painter, Raphael. Incredibly, she began to produce impressive sketches at lightning speed, eventually reproducing one of Raphael’s paintings.

To further confirm that the power of suggestion worked, a musician from the Moscow Conservatory of Music was convinced he was Fritz Kreisler and performed masterfully for a crowd.

The results were repeated with a chess player and mathematician. The experiment was able to boost confidence and increase brain power in all of the subjects.

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How to Use the Raikov Effect

Dr. Raikov combined 7 original techniques that helped the users in his study in achieving the effect, allowing them to "become" another person.

1. Hypnosis and deep trance

The first phase of the Raikov effect program was to get into a trance-like state. The goal in this first phase was to get the mind to suppress any unpleasant thoughts or memories.

This deep trance allowed users to concentrate on the end result they wanted. Any disruption at this point could stop them from getting what they wanted.

2. Relaxation

The Raikov effect works by making participants fully relaxed. In the second phase, users were put in a quiet and calm setting where they could block out any distractions.

This relaxation combined with the trance activates the subconscious mind. The subject can begin to speak directly with their subconsciousness.

3. Visualization

During visualization, all subsequent phases are triggered. This is where you picture the person you want to embody doing whatever it is that moves you.

You should have a clear expectation of exactly what you want to see them doing and watch them actively performing that feat in your mind.

4. Suggestion

Next, it is time to shape the participant’s mind through the power of suggestion. The visualizations lay the framework to bring forth fresh ideas on the topic at hand.

These ideas, or suggestions, help individuals understand what to do, when to do it, and how. They become similar to the person they visualized, taking on their abilities.

5. Positive thinking

If your subconscious mind produces unfavorable outcomes, your intentions will definitely fail.

Instead, your thoughts should be positive in nature in order for you to receive good ideas and suggestions. These will flow over into your waking life.

6. Belief

Like manifestation and the Law of Attraction, the Raikov effect is dependent on faith in your ability to bring your visualizations to reality.

If you believe, you will achieve. All of the steps before have led you here. You must wholeheartedly think that the only possible outcome is that which you desire.

7. Modeling

Finally, you begin to model the conduct of the intended person. You do what they do and act how they act until performing at their level becomes second nature.

The purpose of this mimicking is to complete the entire procedure. You have visualized them, determined what their behavior is, and modeled that behavior.

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What is the new Raikov Effect?

The Raikov effect has morphed over time, resulting in one that takes less time. It is seen as a quick start technique.

The As If Technique

The new way of doing it incorporates visualization to start, then goes into a step called Changing Heads where you place the intended target’s head onto your body in your mind.

Next, you simply act as you believe they would in every circumstance you encounter.

The final two steps are Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Anchors. Similar to the modeling phase in the original technique, you copy the target’s feelings, thoughts, words, and actions.

You keep modeling these behaviors to your subconscious mind and eventually they become second nature to you.

Anchors are reminders that connect the past to the present, such as the smell of brownies reminding you of time spent baking with your grandmother.

These can be visual, such as images in your mind or an object that arouses emotions. They can be auditory and when you listen to the audio it takes you to a specific place and time.

Anchors can also be kinesthetic sensations that make certain events and memories pop into your head.

The Raikov effect can help users enhance skills, stay motivated, lower stress, incorporate positive thinking, and increase productivity.

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