The 5 People You Should Unfollow Immediately On Social Media

It's time to hit the unfollow button!

5 People You Should Unfollow So You Can Avoid The Negative Effects Of Social Media Getty Images

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and many other social media platforms have changed the world as we know it. People are more vulnerable, there’s no need to send out Christmas cards, and borders don’t exist when you can see what anyone posts from anywhere in the world.

Social media connects us in ways we never thought possible. And there’s an undeniable spark in excitement when your selfie gets a lot of love.


For every great thing that social media has created, there’s a bad thing that presents itself, and there are many negative effects of social media.

Do you find yourself spending hours on your phone? Has your anxiety increased? Do you delete a tweet just because it doesn’t get enough likes?

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Almost without noticing, social media has started to control our everyday lives.

For most, it’s a part of our daily routine to check in with who we’re following. Usually, a social media feed is full of your favorite celebrities, childhood friends, and family. We have to take advantage of this communication, right? Well, actually not really.


After recently taking a break from social media, I’ve realized that the world won’t crumble if I don’t get my fix of updates.

The world will still go on whether or not I catch up on the latest celeb news. I won’t miss out on the fun if I don’t see what my friends are doing. And I might actually make time for things that help me live in the moment.

It hasn’t been easy to make this realization but I know that when I return to social media, I will focus on creating a feed that brings me joy. There’s value in shutting out negativity and surrounding yourself with good vibes.

So, while this isn’t necessarily an encouragement to get off social media, it is a challenge to clear up your feed of anything and anyone that might be keeping you from being happy.


In all honesty, social media can be a great way to boost your mood. But only if you’re following accounts that are positive for your mental health.

Take a step back and explore your attitude when you get on certain platforms. Do you feel sad? Are you annoyed with what someone posts? Do your insecurities get brought out?

However you feel about social media, there are sure to be some accounts that don’t serve you anymore.

Here are five people to unfollow on social media right now.

1. Unfollow people from high school that you never even liked

When you’re in school with someone, there’s an obligation to follow them on social media. Since they’re experiencing the same things you are, it’s fun to see how they’re spending their free time.


It doesn’t really matter if you’re friends with them or not, sitting next to them in English class is enough reason to hit the follow button. But what happens when school’s over and you don’t have an interest in what they’re doing now?

You unfollow them.

There are no strings attached if you haven’t maintained a friendship with them after high school ended. Plus, if you never liked them to begin with, this is the perfect way to cut them off.

Congratulations, you don’t have to think about them ever again.

2. Unfollow your exes

While there can be the exception of being friends with an ex, it’s not very likely. That being said, if you’re looking to move on or already have, they don’t need to be popping up on your feed. It’s over and so is their relevance in your life.


It can be torture to be reminded of them every time you get on Facebook.

And while you’re at it, unfriend his family too. Sometimes that’s a harder pill to swallow but unless you keep in contact with his mom that you love, she doesn’t need to know what you’re up to.

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3. Unfollow influencers who cause you low self-esteem

I love influencers as much as the next person. They’re beautiful, have great bodies, know how to work a filter, and always look happy. Plus, they give great recommendations for products to buy.

However, I’d be lying if I said that I don’t get caught up in the influencer trap — feeling like my life isn’t as good as theirs. It’s important to remember that just because someone’s life looks perfect, doesn’t mean it is.


I’m always cautious when following an influencer because the last thing I want is to get down on myself when I see how cute their outfits are compared to what I wear. Their posts should evoke feelings of happiness and positivity. If they don’t, unfollow!

4. Unfollow a 'friend' who showed their true colors

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of a friend after you’ve ended the relationship. But similar to an ex, if it’s over, it’s over.

By ending the friendship, you’ve made it clear that they won’t be a part of your life anymore. Especially if they wronged you and you’ve decided to go separate ways.


Seeing this person come up on your feed may bring about negative emotions and sadness. You can’t give them that power over you.

Take the bold step in hitting “unfollow” and accept that they’re not a friend to you. After all, it’s better to surround yourself with people you know you can fully trust.

5. Unfollow anyone who posts insensitive content

It’s up to you whether or not to include political content on your social media platforms. But it’s inevitable to come across some posts that may spark debate.

I’m not saying to unfollow people with contradicting viewpoints as your own, but rather to get rid of anyone who posts racist, sexist, aggressive, or other offensive things. Following that person basically means that you support what they’re saying and if this isn’t the case, goodbye!


You also don’t want to read negative things that you don’t believe. It will most likely (definitely) put you in a bad mood. Remove pessimistic outlooks and cultivate kindness, positivity, and joy on your social media feed.

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