The 90-Second Test That Reveals What You Subconsciously Think Of Yourself

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Personality tests first popped up in 1919 with the Woodworth Personal Data Sheet, a test issued by the U.S. Army to weed out candidates that were susceptible to shell shock.

Since then, there have been a plethora of tests released to help people learn more about themselves and one another. They can be helpful gauges but overall should just be a part of the big picture.

One fun personality test that can give you a little bit more insight into who you are as a person is the Cube Test, or Cube Personality Test, a 90-second quiz said to have been developed by a Japanese psychologist.

The 90-second Cube Test was created to determine how you see yourself in the world.

The Cube Test is super-short and consists of seven subjects with questions associated with each. Psychotherapist Emily Iniekio explains how to take the test in a TikTok video:



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Imagine being in an open field.

Ask yourself details like how big the field is, what is in the field (grass, flowers, etc.), and what the area around the field looks like.

Picture a cube.

How big is the cube? What is it made from? What is the surface like? What color is it? It is in the middle, side, or front of the field? Is it on the ground or hovering in the air? Can you see through it? If so, can you see inside?

Think of a ladder.

How long is this ladder, and where is it placed within the field? What is the distance between the ladder and the cube?

Imagine there is a horse.

What color is the horse? What is the horse doing? What is the distance between the cube and the horse?

Picture some flowers.

Where are the flowers in your field? Are there a lot of them or just a few? How many?

Think of what the weather in the field is like.

Is it raining or overcast? Perhaps it’s sunny? Or is your field foggy?

Think of a storm.

What is the distance between the storm and the cube? Is it a big storm? Is it a small one that will soon pass?

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What do your results from the Cube Test mean?

Now that we’ve answered the necessary questions, we can determine what the results mean. In Part 2, Iniekio translates your answers for you:



The Field

The field represents your mind. The size of the field tells you how big a personality you have and how knowledgeable you are of the world around you.

The condition of the field symbolizes how you feel at the moment. If it is healthy and well-trimmed, you are feeling more optimistic. A dry, unkempt field indicates pessimism.

The Cube

You are the cube. The size of the cube represents your ego. The surface of the cube shows what people see on the outside in relation to your personality.

The texture of the cube is indicative of your nature. If it is smooth, you are likely gentle. If it is coarse, you might be a little rough around the edges, and straight and direct.

A metal or rock cube means you are strong and not easily influenced, versus wood or ice, which means you can be susceptible to social pressure.

If your cube is transparent, it points at your own transparency. The color is important as well. White represents a calm independence. Black is about strength and individuality. Gray means you are self-confident.

Violet is connected to intelligence and perfectionism. Blue means you are smart but open to hearing others out. Yellow is about socializing and individuality. Red is vibrant, representing physical activity and rich experiences.

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The Ladder

The ladder represents your goals as well as your friendships. A short ladder means your goals are realistic, while a long one means they may be a little bit out of reach.

The closer to the cube the ladder is, the more invested in your goals you are. The proximity also represents the closeness of your friendships. The harder the material of the ladder, the stronger the bond with your friends.

The Horse

The horse represents your ideal partner. A sleeping or grazing horse is an indicator that your partner is fully committed to you.

A running horse means that your partner respects your space and boundaries and is not intimidated when you need to take time to yourself.

A playful horse says your ideal partner doesn’t take life too seriously and is not bogged down by things.

A brown horse means you seek reliability, while a black horse is about dominance. A white horse means you want loyalty and trust while other colors point at independence.

The horse’s distance from the cube indicates the importance of finding the ideal partner in your life. The closer the horse is to the cube, the more interested you are.

The Flowers

The flowers represent your family and friends. Less flowers indicate you have a few deep meaningful relationships while more flowers mean you are super social.

The Weather

The weather is tied to your mood and outlook on life. The rain is your problems, so the more it rains, the more difficulties you are tackling.

Fog indicates a lack of clarity of the presence of uncertainty in your life. Wind represents passing worries that won’t last. If you saw the sun, you are optimistic.

The Storm

The storm represents the stress in your life through its positioning and strength. The closer the storm is to your cube, the closest to the forefront of your mind your stress is.

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