The Sweet Reason Your Cat Is More Affectionate In The Morning

It's not just because they are excited to see you!

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If you’re a cat owner, you may notice that the moment you wake up, your cat is inches from your face, meowing and curiously watching you emerge from your slumber. 

Many might think that it means our cat is hungry or wants attention. However, the actual reason they are always right by our sides the second we open our eyes runs much deeper, and it will only intensify the love you have for your cat.


Your cat is more affectionate in the morning because they are relieved you survived the night. 

Although this may seem silly to us, our cats do not always know if we’ll wake up alive and well in the morning. 

In the wild, cats are naturally light sleepers since they constantly have to be on the lookout for predators. In packs, they often look out for one another. Domestic cats view their beloved owners as one of them and a part of their pack. Therefore, at night, while we are sleeping, they stay alert to protect us from potential dangers. 



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“Since your cat also thinks that you’re a cat and live in their colony rent-free, they worry about you since you are completely knocked out throughout the night,” TikTok user @catfacts.tune.44 explained in a video. 

“So they check on you to make sure you’re still alive, and they are very happy that you are able to wake up in the morning!” 

The Sweet Reason Your Cat Is More Affectionate In The MorningPhoto: 101cats / Canva Pro


According to ModernVet, cats are generally affectionate animals who are sensitive to their owner's moods and physical changes. 

When we slip from consciousness to unconsciousness at night as we fall asleep, our cats sense this change, which prompts them to watch over us. This is also why your cat may want to cuddle up next to you as you fall asleep. 

They also provide us with an additional sense of security when we feel scared, anxious, or lonely at night. 

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While cats may certainly be protecting us, there are other reasons why they are particularly clingy in the morning. 

Perhaps they know that when we wake up, it means that they will be getting affection from us after being off the clock for a few hours — if you often wake up to the sound of your cat purring, it means that they are anticipating this attention! 


Cats could also be hungry in the morning, and they know that they will likely be fed soon after you wake up. 

Cats are creatures of habit. They may have become accustomed to receiving attention or food in the morning, leading them to seek interaction with their owners.

The Sweet Reason Your Cat Is More Affectionate In The MorningPhoto: ANURAK PONGPATIMET / Shutterstock 


They also may be affectionate in the early hours just to greet you and say good morning! They likely missed hearing your voice while you were asleep and are excited to kick off the day with you. 

No matter the reason our cats are extra clingy in the morning, most cat owners can agree that there is no better way to wake up, and there is nothing like the devoted loyalty and companionship our pets have for us.

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