Stripper Reveals How Much She Paid In Taxes After Making $384K For The Year

"Why am I trying to climb that ladder when I can be climbing that pole!?"

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A Miami stripper may have just recruited women in different professions to join her after sharing how much she earns annually and how much she pays in taxes. 

Many people were astounded by the significant total of her overall income even after tax deductions — and the woman explains how others can do the same. 

The Miami stripper revealed that she makes $384K per year and paid $116,722 in taxes last year. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 1 million times, 24-year-old Caitlin (@caitlinsometimescherry) shared how she earns her pay as a Miami stripper. 


For those who are unaware of how strippers are usually paid and earn tips, Caitlin compared it to being a restaurant server. “Anytime you pay a server on a credit card, that automatically gets reported, but they have to self-report cash tips,” she said. 



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In addition to working as a stripper, Caitlin also earns money from sharing content on sites including OnlyFans and PornHub.

According to Caitlin, her 1099 income, or the income earned as an independent contractor or freelancer rather than as an employee, totaled $134,275.50 in 2023. Her total cash income was $238,502.50.

“Being self-employed, I do have a lot of tax write-offs that I get to take advantage of,” Caitlin shared. 

Being a dancer, the write-offs include outfits, shoes, make-up, house fees, and tip-offs. Her total tax deductions in 2023 were $36,052.19.

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The final calculations revealed that Cailtlin’s total income for the year was $384,349.78. Her taxes totaled $116,722. 

“I’m gonna go make that payment right now, and then I will be eating air for dinner,” she joked. 

Caitlin claimed that the main point of her video was to show her viewers that she does, in fact, pay her taxes as a stripper.

“I know everybody is incredibly concerned in my comments, and you guys continuously tag the IRS,” she said. “Keep that same energy with this video and let them know how much I’m paying them.” 

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Most people were impressed with how much Caitlin earned. 

“I need to change professions and make money like this,” one TikTok user commented. 

“I’m so impressed that you’re so together financially!! Meanwhile, I’m crying about the $3K I have to pay in because I’m a teacher who only makes $50K with NO investments,” another user shared. 

“Way to invest, girlie! Make that money!” another user wrote. 

While state salaries vary, the average stripper in the U.S. can earn up to $45,883 annually, with some earning well over $80,000. 

According to Caitlin, some shifts are a hit or miss when it comes to customer tips, but she can expect to earn over $7,000 on a busy night. 




For others who are interested in earning an income and tax payments as she does, Caitlin explained in a TikTok video how strippers and other sex workers can launch their own businesses. 



Just like any other individual earning income, strippers are required to pay taxes on their earnings. 

Whether they are classified as employees or independent contractors, strippers must report their income to the tax authorities and pay taxes accordingly.


The more they accumulate, the more taxes they will be expected to pay, just like every other worker in the U.S. 

Even if people were impressed with Caitlin’s earnings yet did not want to work as strippers, anyone could pick up side gigs to make extra money, no matter their profession. 

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