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Kind Stranger Hears About A Mom Living In A Car With Her Young Girls So She Books A Hotel Room Just To Spoil Them

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The kindness of strangers can make an unexpectedly huge difference in someone’s life.

This is true for one mom and her two daughters who live in their car. After asking for help making her daughters’ birthday special in a Facebook group for local moms, this mother got more than she ever could have imagined.

A fellow mom responded to the woman's Facebook post in a big way.

Chelsey Isenberg is a mother of five who shares parts of her life on TikTok. She recently shared an act of kindness she and her community did for this family in need.



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“I was just on Facebook and I saw in my mom group this girl I don’t know posting that she was looking for free ideas to celebrate her two daughters’ birthday. They celebrate on the same day," Isenberg said.

As an amateur baker, Isenberg thought she could help out. “I originally had reached out to her, saying, ‘Hey, I’m a home baker, and I would love to make your daughters a cake.’” But after committing to baking the dessert, she wondered if she could do more to help.

“I got to thinking, ‘I wonder if my community would want to help spoil those little girls for their birthday,’” she said. “And it turns out they did, which was awesome.”



In another video, Isenberg showed off a fully decorated hotel room booked for the family, complete with balloons, princess dresses, and an envelope with “hundreds and hundreds of dollars of gift cards.” There were other, more practical items in the room as well, like food and a double stroller.

TikTok users were blown away by the kindness of Isenberg and her community. “Those little girls are going to remember these days forever,” one person commented.

Some viewers requested to see the family's reaction, but Isenberg wanted to respect their privacy.

In yet another TikTok, Isenberg addressed those asking to see the girls' reactions to the big surprise. 



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“I know a lot of you wanted to see a reaction of the little girls going into the hotel room. I tried to respect their privacy as much as possible,” she said. She then explained that because she didn’t know the family already, she didn’t expect anything from them and was not even present when they checked into the hotel.

“I just wanted them to feel comfortable and safe and just have something they could enjoy without feeling like they had to, like, [profusely] thank or give a reaction to the people who contributed,” she stated.

Fellow TikTokers seemed to understand this perfectly. “I’m so glad to see you’re not one of the ones who does good deeds only for a reaction video,” one person said, summing up the comments section of the video.

Isenberg offered an update on the family.

Despite not being able to share any reaction videos, Isenberg did share an update on the family. She explained that many people had expressed interest in helping the mom and her daughters, so she started a GoFundMe for them. 



“They do have a storage unit and she’s working on permanent housing and I have given her some resources to hopefully find some,” she said. “I think their biggest issue was being able to show three times their income to be able to qualify for an apartment, but hopefully just having the little extra cushion will help her either get some longer stay hotels or eventually get into an apartment with a bigger deposit.”

The GoFundMe has a $5,000 goal. Over $200 has been donated so far. 

Isenberg and her community are proof that small acts of kindness can make a significant difference. These little girls were given an incredible experience for their birthday that they won’t soon forget. Hopefully, their efforts will lead to more good things for the family.

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