Minimum-Wage Worker Reveals He Lives In A House With 8 Other Roommates Just So He Can 'Afford To Live'

Many people are finding it hard to obtain affordable housing in America.

Tanner, group of roommates laughing @tizanner / TikTok, MAYA LAB / Shutterstock

For the last couple of years, many Americans have been feeling the impossibility of being able to live on their own comfortably.

Such was the case for one man named Tanner, who shared that he has to live with several roommates to just afford to be on his own. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case for many people, as this country has been in a severe housing crisis.

He revealed that he lives with eight other people just to afford a place to live.

Tanner, who lives in Texas, had made a TikTok video where he stitched another creator who was talking about how many minimum-wage workers need to have three or four roommates to afford a two-bedroom apartment.


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"I live in a house that has been redone and there are eight rooms that have been remodeled," Tanner explained in his video, giving viewers a tour of the home. Since he is unable to afford to live on his own, or with fewer roommates, Tanner revealed that he lives with eight other people.


"Just so I can afford to live," he quipped, pointing out the astronomical prices of rent that seem to be happening in many states across America. In recent years, there has been a growing concern about housing affordability in the United States, particularly in certain high-demand areas and metropolitan areas.

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Rising housing costs can make it challenging for some Americans to purchase homes or afford rental apartments.

According to research conducted by Harvard University in 2017, almost 40 million Americans “live in housing they cannot afford.”

Several years later, the data still holds up. Renters across the U.S. have seen the average rent rise 18% over the last five years, outpacing inflation, according to consumer price index data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The issue of housing affordability affects both homeownership and rental markets. Some potential homebuyers struggle to save for a down payment or qualify for a mortgage due to rising home prices. On the rental side, increasing rents can strain household budgets and make it difficult for individuals and families to secure affordable housing options.

In Texas specifically, where Tanner lives, the state has one of the largest gaps in the nation between the number of households considered extremely low income and the number of available affordable homes, according to estimates from the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

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In the comments section, people shared similar situations of not being able to find affordable housing.

"The amount of people I know that have more than one job in order to afford to live is insane," one TikTok user shared.


Another added, "My parents [said], 'You need to choose a place in your budget.' Okay, so a cardboard box. I work [full-time] in nonprofits and I still don’t make enough."

"It’s exactly why I despise [people] who bash anyone who still lives at home. It’s near impossible for the average person!" a third user pointed out.

The lack of housing affordability can indeed have profound effects on individuals and communities, leading to various challenges and causing disheartenment among many people.


By lawmakers taking the time to address housing affordability, society can work towards creating more equitable, inclusive, and thriving communities, where individuals have access to safe, affordable, and decent housing options.

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