What It Means When You Dream About Rats

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Are you scared of rats? Do you dream about them? Well, your dreams could be telling you something.

Depending on who you talk to about rats and mice will reflect the reaction you get. Some are grossed out by them and others think they are the cutest little creatures on the face of the planet. Many people even have a pet rat.

No matter your viewpoint, society has labeled the rat as a snitch or a traitor. It's no wonder why a group of rats is called a mischief! But rats have a great memory, are incredibly social creatures, and, though this may be surprising, hate getting dirty.

As a whole, we may have misjudged the rat. Society even coined the term "rat race," which refers to people who work hard, only to struggle to make ends meet.

With teeth that can chew through almost anything, what do these little creatures actually symbolize on a higher vibrational level?

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Spiritual Meaning of Rats

Rats are often spiritually associated with wealth and good luck, but they can also represent fertility and reproduction.

Other interpretations of rat symbolism look to their actions, like how rats usually leave ships before they sink. This makes them symbolic of foreknowledge and psychic abilities.

What does it mean when you dream about rats?

Dreaming about rats is a common theme among most people. Depending on the setting or action rats do and how you view them in your dreams translates to multiple meanings to your real life. Dreaming of catching a rat differs from seeing a dead one, for instance.

Dreaming of rats can range from a warning that someone in your life is being unethical, to feeling overwhelmed, to being rewarded with success and wealth. But dream interpreters will tell you to pay close attention to the feeling your dream evokes to determine its true meaning.

Usually, when you dream about rats, it's a sign to start connecting to the unexplored parts of yourself and solving your inner issues.

Rat Symbolism in Dreams

Dreaming of chasing or being chased by a rat

If you are chasing or being chased by a rat, it's a sign that someone you trust is about to, or already has, betrayed you. Though rats symbolize wealth and good fortune, they can also be warnings of betrayal, deception, guilt, mistrust, and helplessness.

Dreaming of a dead rat

Dreaming of a dead rat usually means you are feeling overwhelmed or fearful of a current situation in your life. It's mostly associated with the end of a toxic or treacherous relationship. This dream is basically telling you that whatever is stressing you out will soon end.

Death often means the end of something, but that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't also the beginning of something new.

Dreaming of a rat biting

If a rat bites you in a dream, it may symbolize someone you fear in your waking world. Another interpretation is that the rat is warning you to beware of your surroundings. The basic meaning of this type of dream is that someone is out to get you, so stay alert.

Dreaming of rats in a house

Rats in a house are usually seen as destroyers. So, dreaming about rats in the house can mean you are having domestic issues. But if rats are good in your home, they can have positive changes and promises for the future.

Dreaming of rats crawling on you

Having a dream of rats crawling on you comes with multiple meanings. Some include a loss of control, a cheating partner, guilt of an affair, overanalyzing, self-sabotage, and anxiety.

Dreaming of rats attacking you

This is an incredibly scary dream to have! Dreaming about rats attacking you represents that those closest to you are unfortunately going to stab you in the back. It may be in response to something you did and they want revenge. The message is to be careful about who you let into your life.

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Dreaming of a big rat

When you dream about a big rat, it can mean that you are worried about being overpowered, taken advantage of, or deceived in the waking world. Another interpretation is that you have inner anxiety and secrets you worry about coming to light.

Dreaming of a gnawing rat

If you dream of rats gnawing, whether on you or something close to you, it may represent a struggle to fulfill your goals and its strain on your relationship within yourself.

Dreaming of killing a rat

Of all the dreams about rats to have, this is a positive one. Dreaming of killing rats reminds you that you possess all the abilities to overcome any issues or difficulties.

It also lets you know that you will experience great things life has to offer. For example, you might meet someone new who will better your life.

Dreaming of a black rat

Dreaming about black rats represents your darkest emotions, and foreshadows a broken spirit or internal issues. You may have this dream if you suffer from depression or have just been feeling down.

Dreaming of a white rat

White rats are a good sign in your dreams. If you dream of a white rat, it's a sign that your problems will soon resolve, and that your future connections will be those of success. Another interpretation of white rats is deception from yourself or others, though with positive intent.

Dreaming of a pink rat

If you dream of a pink rat, it is connected to someone you love. It can also symbolize care and understanding or overcoming disappointment. Another interpretation is that you strive for perfection in life.

Dreaming of a brown rat

Dreaming of a brown rat means you may be financially well-off, but you definitely don't feel fulfilled in life. This dream usually appears when you have different passions you wish to pursue instead of your current career.

Is dreaming of a rat a good or bad omen?

That is a tricky question because dreaming of rats can be both positive and negative. In Chinese culture, for example, rats are good omens who give people the good qualities rats possess, like intelligence.

If you like rats or have them as pets, seeing a rat in your dreams is a favorable omen. On the other hand, most people believe rats come as bad omens, and if seen in dreams are a sign to anticipate bad things to come.

It really depends on how you view these severely misunderstood creatures!

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