Fans Share 8 Signs Taylor Swift Is Neurodivergent — And How It Massively Contributes To Her Talent & Success

Is she more like some of her fans than we realize?

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Taylor Swift has completely taken over the pop culture landscape. She has a devoted worldwide army of fans, breaks records left and right, and releases hit after hit — feats that some fans have speculated are because Swift is neurodivergent.

Fans insist they aren’t just coming up with this out of thin air, either. Swifties have provided what they believe to be concrete proof that Swift could be autistic or have some other form of neurodivergence.


Here are 8 signs that Taylor Swift is autistic or neurodivergent, according to her fans:

1. Swift prefers specific foods and food textures

In the past, Swift stated that she was an extremely picky eater and that food textures were particularly important to her. 

“If the texture’s wrong, then I was never able to eat it,” she once said. “But, um, yeah, for like a four-year period, all I would eat is chicken nuggets and French fries.”



This is indeed a sign of neurodivergence. According to the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, “The ‘feel’ or touch of the food is commonly a sensory factor for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder. The temperature or texture of foods needs to be just ‘right.’


If Swift finds the texture of her food so important, it’s very possible that she is on the autism spectrum.

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2. She stims

Stimming is a term that refers to engaging in self-stimulating behaviors. Behavior analyst Laura Howk told the Cleveland Clinic, “Stims are things you do without meaning to, and they usually serve some purpose, like helping you regulate your emotions.”



Stims are, essentially, repetitive behaviors like rubbing at your skin, touching your hair, or jumping up and down when excited. Swift has exhibited signs of these behaviors in multiple settings, from songwriting sessions to interviews.


VeryWell Health stated, “Autistic people engage in stimming to help manage their emotions or block out overwhelming sensations.”

3. Swift has hyperfixations

Swift is perhaps the queen of hyperfixation. One of her most famous is with the number 13. She once explained to Jay Leno why the number was so important to her.

Swift is also known for her Easter eggs, clues she drops in advance about new music and other upcoming projects. One Redditor said, “The extent that she goes to [to] make themes/eras for her albums, have Easter eggs for things that don’t get announced till years later, the way she delves into a project … reminds me a lot of my fixations.”


Hyperfixation is a common symptom of both autism and ADHD. said, “ADHD hyperfixation refers to an intense and often prolonged state of concentration on a particular activity or object. This may lead to happiness, satisfaction, and, at times, increased productivity.”

Swift’s hyperfixations could very well be a sign of neurodivergence.

4. She talks about being on 'the outside'

Swift often talks about feeling like she is on the outside looking in. In fact, she even wrote a song about it called “The Outside,” which describes a feeling of never fitting in with the crowd because you’re never allowed into it.

“Research suggests that autistic people are more likely to experience feelings of loneliness compared to non-autistic people,” said the National Autistic Society. “This can be due to a lack of acceptance and understanding by society, making them feel excluded.”


If Swift is feeling intense loneliness, which would lead her to write songs like “The Outside,” it’s very possible that she is neurodivergent.

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5. Swift may have savant syndrome

Swift is known for her entertaining capabilities — she is one of the most popular performers in the world, after all. A content creator named Jordan pointed out her “lyrical genius” as a possible sign of autism known as savant syndrome. 



“People with savant syndrome have exceptional ability in one or more skills, which could include art, mathematics, or spatial abilities,” Medical News Today said. “Autism is a developmental disorder that many people associate with savant syndrome.”


Savant syndrome has been directly linked to autism and would make sense for Swift, whose music is her entire world — and the entire world of many fans.

6. She expresses a desire to be seen for who she really is

Another thing Jordan pointed out in her TikTok video is Swift’s music video for her song “Delicate.” In the music video, Swift can be seen dancing in a strange, off-beat way, different from those around her who are acting “normal.”

“[A] music video where she feels like she can finally dance and sing the way she wants to. Weirdly, awkwardly. With no one looking,” the TikToker explained.


If Swift was neurodivergent, the “Delicate” music video could be a sign of how she sees herself or how she wishes she could really be seen by the public.

7. She writes songs like ‘mirrorball’ and ‘Mastermind’

Several people on Reddit have pointed to Swift’s songs “mirrorball” and “Mastermind” as signs that she is neurodivergent. 

“I’m watching ‘folklore: the long pond studio sessions’ on the Disney Channel, and when she’s talking about the song ‘mirrorball’ it sounds like she is describing masking behaviors,” one person said.

During Swift’s discussion of “mirrorball” with collaborator Jack Antonoff in the documentary, she talked about feeling like she has to be different things to different people, never revealing her true self.


“Everybody feels like they have to be ‘on’ for certain people,” she said. “You have to be different versions of yourself for different people.”

The same can be said for Mastermind, which tells of changing the way you present yourself so you no longer feel lonely like you did as a child.

“I sincerely don’t know if I’ve ever related to a song in that niche of a way before,” one neurodivergent Reddit user said.


8. She struggles in relationships

It’s not exactly breaking news to say that Taylor Swift has been in a lot of very public relationships. However, some fans think this could be a sign of her neurodivergence. 

“She’s known for being ‘the problem’ in relationships.” one Redditor said. “This is typical with [neurodivergents] in relationships.”

Psychology Today backs this up, saying that neurodivergent people struggle with certain aspects of relationships, like communication. Fans suggest Swift’s inability to find lasting love could actually be a sign of neurodivergence.




While all fans are doing is speculating, it is interesting to consider whether or not Swift could be neurodivergent.

If so, the hyper-focus and heightened abilities this brings could explain why she is so talented. It could also give yet another reason why she is considered so relatable and well-liked — because she’s just like so many fans.

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