15 Signs Someone Is Good For Your Mental Health

Keeping someone like this in your life just makes you better.

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We already know how damaging it can be to hang around someone who is detrimental to your mental health. As a matter of fact, your most meaningful relationships are just as important to having good mental health as self-care.

A healthy relationship can greatly benefit your mental health, especially during tough times. Positive social connections can lower instances of mental health issues like anxiety and depression, while heightening your self-esteem, and building your capacity for empathy and trust.


Not only are strong relationships good for your mental wellness, but they also benefit your overall health by strengthening your immune system, which might just lengthen your life.

If you’re wondering how a person in your life might impact your mental health, there are signs to look out for.

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15 Signs Someone Is Good For Your Mental Health

There are many signs that a person is good for your mental health and a TikToker by the name of Professor B shared his top signs in the video below.



1. You feel comfortable and safe around them.

There is nothing more important a person can do for you than make you feel safe and secure in their presence. This allows you to be vulnerable and, according to Professor B, “You’re very comfortable being your true self around them.”

Feeling safe is a prerequisite to a great relationship.


2. They respect your personal boundaries.

One of the biggest signs that someone is good for your mental health is that they understand and respect your boundaries. You have mutual respect and are understanding and caring about the way you treat one another.

“They would never force you to do something you were uncomfortable with,” says the professor.

3. They are honest with you.

People who are good for your mental health are open and honest. They don’t tiptoe around your feelings but do speak to you with respect and empathy.

They get to the point and never play “mind games.” You don’t have to worry about them speaking ill of you to others because they are transparent and will say it to your face with love.


4. They want you to grow.

People who truly care for you and want the best for you will encourage your growth. They influence you to invest time in yourself, personally and professionally, and believe you can do anything you put your heart into.

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5. You never have to hide any parts of yourself.

In a genuine relationship, you can be unapologetically you, flaws and all. They’ve seen both your good and bad days and accept you as you are.

When a person is good for your mental health, they know and accept every aspect of your persona. They may disagree but are still able to respect who you are as a person.


But those are not the only indicators a person is good for your mental health. There are additional indicators that let you know a person is mentally healthy for you.

6. They support your dreams and uplift you.

When the people around you believe in you wholeheartedly, it’s that much easier to accomplish anything you set out to do. They understand your perspective and offer support when you need it.

These people push you toward your goals and celebrate your wins along the way.

7. They see you, hear you, and appreciate you.

Being with a person who has no concern about your thoughts and feelings is hard and lonely.

Sometimes it’s not about a person fixing the problem for you, but simply listening and validating your emotions. Those are the people who want to see you win and appreciate you sharing yourself with them.


8. They have a desire to know more about you.

Throughout life people are constantly transforming, so it is vital that everyone around them be willing to get to know the new person that emerges. Someone who is interested in getting to know you over and over is a good influence on your mental stability.

9. They communicate openly and effectively.

One of the biggest relationship problems is communication. If a person is in the rare class of people who text or call back, share their feelings freely, actively listen, and check on you, they are someone you should hold on to.

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10. They proactively ask questions.

There will be times that you don’t want to share or feel uncomfortable burdening others with your problems.


People who are beneficial to your mental health will proactively reach out to make sure you are good. They are empathetic and able to sense something is off, so they seek to understand and support you.

11. They share their inner world with you.

We talked about you being able to be vulnerable around a person that has your best interests at heart. But they should also feel comfortable letting you in on their innermost thoughts and emotions.

Not only are they willing to hear you out, but they are also open and trusting of you.


12. They are accountable.

Unlike people who refuse to take accountability for their actions, those who positively influence your mental health take responsibility when they are in the wrong. They show remorse and accountability by learning from their mistake and making sure it doesn’t happen again.

13. They can manage their emotions effectively.

Nothing is worse than two emotionally volatile people together. People with good mental hygiene know how to effectively manage their feelings. They are compassionate and understand that energy is contagious, so instead of lashing out, they think before they act or speak.

14. They practice their own self-care.

In order to be good to someone else, you first have to be good to yourself. People who take care of themselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically tend to do the same for others.

Their self-care includes being with and supporting others, but they also understand the need to be alone and are comfortable in their own company.


15. They know how to ask for help.

People who are mentally healthy and are positive influences on the mental health of others can ask for help when they need it. They are not afraid to say they don’t have the answers and are comfortable looking outside of themselves for assistance.

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