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Showering Without Glasses Is The Daily 'Struggle' No One Is Talking About

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Woman with glasses looking confused next to her shower.

If you rely on glasses to see clearly, you're probably familiar with this often-overlooked struggle: How do you shower when you wear glasses?

Do you bear the suds, steam, and streams with your glasses on? Or do you simply leave them off — hoping you’re grabbing the shampoo and not the body wash? Let’s not even get into shaving...

TikTok creators like Olivia Smith are asking these very questions. “I literally can’t see anything… I need to know. What do people do?”  

For people who wear glasses, showering can be a ‘big struggle’ — one that not many people talk about. 

Despite almost 167 million people in the United States wearing prescription glasses — a whopping 64% of the adult population — there are a great number of things that not many people talk about. 



From showering to wearing sunglasses to bearing the winter and spring elements, people wearing glasses almost always get the brunt end of the stick. Whether it’s constantly wiping away water, spending hundreds of dollars on prescription sunglasses, or even going “completely blind” without the spectacles, these people are troopers.

However, one TikTok creator's post about showering with glasses has opened a larger discussion about these people’s daily routines. How could there not be a solution for something millions of people struggle with each day? 

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Without glasses in the shower, it can be impossible to follow your typical routine. 

Admitting to occasionally taking her glasses into the shower, Smith described her daily struggle. Not only is it occasionally switching her shampoo for conditioner or navigating a friend’s random shower products, but it’s also a safety issue — shaving is nearly impossible! 

Showering Without Glasses Is The Daily Struggle No One Is Talking AboutPhoto: torwai / CanvaPro

“I’m literally in the shower squinting, face is wet, blurry legs, trying to shave my legs and nothing is happening,” she admitted. “I’m not wasting a pair of contact lenses to shave my legs. I know that for sure.” 

Sometimes switching from a shower to a bath seems like the only reasonable solution, but even then, the glasses steam up! It’s a double-edged sword, leaving glasses-wearing people struggling through a seemingly basic shower ritual

Of course, most people find it easy to hop in and out of the shower — but what about these folks? There are millions dealing with the inconvenience without any prospects for a useful solution. 

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People suggested all kinds of ‘shower solutions’ for people with glasses, from mini ‘windshield wipers’ to simply misusing contacts. 

Another TikTok creator Britnee Alphin added to the conversation, frustratingly admitting to just “showering with shampoo” because she couldn’t see. “It bothers me,” she added, “we need to fix it! Somebody create something!” 



With a huge gap in this innovative market, comments speculated about “the next big thing” for glasses wearers in the shower, with ideas spanning from prescription showering goggles to color-coded bathroom products. 

Sick of the daily struggle, many people in the comments admitted they simply wear contact lenses, both wasting money and sacrificing their eye health for a quick shower. Warby Parker, an eyeglasses and contact lens company, revealed that this routine can be detrimental over time, saying there’s potential you will be “putting your eyes at risk for infection or irritation” when wearing contacts while wet. 

So, who’s going to be the next great innovator creating a product that simplifies showering for glasses-wearers and saves the health and finances of this huge demographic? 

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