10 Secrets Mentally Strong Humans Know That Others Don't

Mental strength is a learned habit.

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Read this once for a pick-me-up. Re-read it daily to realize your fullest, most mentally strong potential.

Here are 10 tiny secrets of the most mentally strong humans:

1. Nothing can hurt you when you know you have nothing to protect

Self-esteem is an illusion. You can’t damage what is made up. You are unfathomably bigger than the idea you hold of yourself in your mind.

2. You were already a success the day you were born

Life is a miracle, and getting here means you already won. Allow the time you’re alive in the world to play, create, and thrive from a position of realized strength.


3. Any criticism you receive may seem like an attack, but it's not about you

It is always a projection rooted in personal insecurity. It is never about you. They are resisting their thoughts about you, not you.

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4. Any stress you feel is you responding to your thoughts and feeling your thoughts physically

The idea that something external caused your stress is a mirage. You have it within you right now to let go of the seriousness of your thoughts, to return to us — to empower yourself.

5. Very little can faze you when — after every perceived setback — you ask yourself this:

How can I use this? How does this strengthen me? What have I learned from this? How can this drive me forward with double the ferocity?’

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6. Happiness is not something you wait for

It is a choice. You might not see it now, but if you are open to this, you will see it and your spirits will rise.


Stop waiting to be happy!!! Find happiness in the little things, in your every day life, instead of waiting and waisting time wishing for things to be better. You’ll miss a whole lot that way, believe me I know 🥰

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7. The secret no one dares share is that you create everything

You are the root of this entire experience. You are composed of the same creative force driving the continual expansion of the Universe. Your mind is a projector, not a receiver. You are connected to it all and you create it all. Act like it.

8. You have everything you need right now

You will not get it from any job, person, experience, purchase, or success. You have it. All else is a bonus. Have fun knowing you already have what you’re looking for.

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9. The idea that life should be a struggle is societal programming

You can experience joy, peace, and energy right now, every day, for the rest of your life. This comes with a willingness to use pain creatively and continually let go of the idea that what’s happening is not to your liking.

10. You lower yourself when you embody the figure of a poor victim

You’re not at the mercy of them, what happened, or even your thoughts. You need to move on now. Don’t buy into the cutesy stuff about needing more ‘self-love’ — this is unnecessary and self-absorbed. You are already made of love. You needn’t look inward, and you don’t need ‘fixing.’

You need to get up, stand up straight, embody your powerful self, and get out there and improve someone else’s life. To forget yourself is to realize your greatest strength.


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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.