Why Some People Believe That This Blood Type Means You Have Alien DNA

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We are all aware of the four blood types: Type O, Type AB, Type B, and Type A. The reason why blood types are different in the first place is because each of those blood types depends entirely on the proteins within the blood.

However, if you have Rh-negative blood, it could potentially mean that you could be a person with an alien DNA blood type. At least, that's what some people believe.

What does it mean to have an Rh-negative blood type?

Studies have concluded that Rh-negative blood types do not possess the essential evolutionary gene from rhesus monkeys that a majority of other humans already have.

With that being said, since we all essentially came from primates, how is it that some of us do not have the rhesus monkey gene?

Since the other blood types have certain proteins within the blood, Rh-negative blood types do not have any of these kinds of proteins.

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To find out if you have this blood type, a healthcare provider needs to take a sample of blood and put it through an Rh screening test. (If you are pregnant you will need special care throughout if you have this blood type.)

Rh-negative blood types make up about 10-15% of the population, leaving scientists scratching their heads at the question: Where the heck did this blood type originate?

With some digging around, scientists have concluded that about 35,000 years ago or so, this specific blood type is believed to be linked to certain tribes and groups.

To give you a broader picture about which races have this blood type, the Asian population is about 1%, the African-American population is about 3%, and Europeans are the highest out of everyone else that has this specific blood type.

Other than the characteristics associated with this blood type, there isn't much scientists can do to find the truth behind these questions.

People who have this blood type are prone to having a higher IQ, green or blue eyes, red hair, sensitivity to the heat, being physically and emotionally more aware, and having much lower body temperatures compared to others.

The complexity of this blood type gets even more intense when it comes to pregnant women who have it.

Women who possess the Rh-negative blood type and become pregnant can have a lot of difficulty delivering a baby that contains an Rh-positive blood type. This means that the mother's body would naturally assault and try to kill the fetus.

To make sure that doesn't happen, Rh-negative pregnant women get a shot of Rh immune globulin around week 28 of their pregnancy to prevent their immune systems from making antibodies that fight the baby's Rh-positive blood.

Is Rh-negative blood actually an alien blood type?

Some scientists believe that if you have Rh-negative blood, you must have evolved from a different species on this planet. But what scientists are now asking include questions like: Was that species put here? Genetically altered? Or was it just a natural formation of teh planet in its evolutionary stage?

And just like George Noory, radio host of Coast To Coast AM, many believe that "It may have come from outside sources."

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An interesting theory has emerged as a result of all of these oddities, with people believing that aliens may or may not have visited earth during some brief periods of time, and have bestowed humans the Rh-negative blood type in the process.

The theory is that the alien race, known as Anunnaki, engineered humans to have the Rh-negative blood type and call them the children of Anunnaki.

Of course, there's no literal proof of this, but what's even more unnerving about this mystery is that many of those who have claimed to be abducted by aliens all possess the Rh-negative blood type!



There's also another faction of people who have a theory associated with biblical lore.

They believe the Nephilim, which were a giant type species, mated with humans, creating angel-human hybrids. The Great Flood was said to have wiped out all of the Nephilim, but left some of their offspring to survive.

Again, there is no scientific evidence of this occurring.

Then, there are those who believe this blood type came from the Atlanteans (you know, the lost civilization) but, once again, there's absolutely no proof.



Heck, there's even been an episode of "Ancient Aliens" that proposes that Rh-negative blood originated from an alien species.

The theory is that the people who populate the Pyrenees Mountain range, known as the Basque, speak a language that is not related to any other language in that part of the globe.

The population also has the highest concentration of the Rh-negative blood type in the world.

So, no matter what theory you may believe to have some modicum of truth, the fact is that scientists are still trying to figure out this oddity.

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