Guy Gets Revenge On High School Bully By Getting With His Mom — Then Humiliating Her On Live Radio

She had a radio station call him to see why he was ghosting her.

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When Arielle called Hot 96.9 Boston, she had just one concern: Why didn't Rob, a cute, younger gentleman she had a wonderful date with before, want a second date?

She told the radio station that even though she was 20 years his senior, she thought the date went well. They shared a wonderful meal and ended the night with a romp in the sheets that she described as "incredible."

Go Rob, right? Well, not so fast. 


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After admitting to the radio station's morning show hosts that no one has ever made her "feel that way" before, she was upset that he wouldn't return her calls and was essentially ghosting her

The radio station then called Rob, with Arielle on the line, and that's where things took a devious turn. 

When the DJs got Rob on the phone, they asked him if he wanted to give Arielle one more shot. He starts off his side of the story with some mega suspense. 

"I can’t believe this is actually happening right now, this is hilarious. Look this is going to make me sound like a huge a–hole, but whatever."


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“So this was all kind of a revenge thing. Like, I saw her online and I recognized her last name and it turns out her son actually used to bully the s--- out of me. And so I figured if I could f--- his Mom, I would rub it in his face.”

Literally the worst possible answer someone could get when they're trying to figure out why a date didn't call them back. 

The radio hosts and obviously Arielle were in total disbelief. She replied, "Are you serious? You're friends with Sam?"

Okay, Arielle this is not the time to probe. 

“No, I’m not friends with your a–-hole son," Rob says, getting heated. "Look I don’t know if you cared what he was doing, but he was a total prick to me and he ruined my life. And now I’m going to return the favor.”


And it gets worse. 

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Rob reveals that his revenge plan isn't over. He told Arielle live on-air that he's going to send her son a text that cryptically reads, "I win." 

"Then when he says 'why,' it's going to be that picture I took of you."

If the line wasn't crossed before (which, let's be honest, it 100% was), it definitely is now. 

After Arielle starts to call Rob out and tell him that he's a disgusting person, he accuses her son's high school bullying is a result of "learned behavior." 

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"This is the best day of my life," Rob says. 

Obviously, the Rob guy has not gotten over whatever bullying Sam put him through when they were kids. But it was not fair at all for his to drag is unsuspecting mother into it.

If he goes through with his plans to post private images during their initimate time, that would be considered illegal


You can listen to the full audio below. 

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