7 Rare Signs You’re Highly Respected By People

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Living a life where people highly respect you is amazing.

Your life literally gets easier. Most people like to be thorns in other people’s lives and bring them down. However, when people respect you, they not only stop posing as obstacles but also start actively trying to help you achieve even more greatness.

Hence, everyone should learn how to command respect. If you don’t observe these signs in your life, don’t be saddened. Instead, take it as feedback, and simply try to learn how to command more respect. 

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Here are 7 signs you’re highly respected by the people around you:

1. The world seems very helpful to you

There are some people whose general opinion is that the world is incredibly selfish and would not generally describe the people around them as helpful. On the other hand, the world seems quite helpful to people who command high respect.

This is not just due to a difference in perspective, but also because of people who command respect and people who don’t experience the world differently. Even the biggest selfish a**holes might be inclined to help people who command high respect. And hence, if you feel the world is very helpful, it’s a sign that you command high respect.

2. You have high respect (not pride) for yourself

There are three kinds of people:

  • People who are good, but don’t feel good about themselves. They lack self-awareness, don’t exude a lot of confidence, and hence don’t command a lot of respect.
  • People who aren’t good at something, but act like they are. These people are delusional narcissists. And trust me, nothing makes people lose more respect for you than narcissism, especially when it’s delusional.
  • People who are good at something, and feel good about themselves. Such people are in sync. And they command a lot of respect.

I’m sure you’ve heard that people treat you like you treat yourself. If you treat yourself well, they will too. Hence, if you have high respect for yourself, it’s a sign that others do too.

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3. You’re the fire brigade to many people’s fires

People may have different confidantes. However, the person people run to for solutions is often the same for several people. If everyone seeks advice from you, actually listens and acts on them, it’s a sign that you command a lot of respect.

4. You’re humble, even though you have every reason to be arrogant

People who are merely nice; but not really great at anything else don’t induce a lot of respect.

In fact, just being nice without actually being great at something in life is quite counterintuitive. It’s like you’re trying to overcompensate for your lack of competence by being overly nice. People can see through it. In such a case, even your niceness is not appreciated as it should be. Because people know that you have no other choice than to be nice.

On the other hand, people who doing incredibly in life but at the same time, are nice and humble; command incredible respect. It’s simply because they have something to be arrogant about and yet, they make an active effort to stay humble. People can sense this, and their response is respect.

5. People give your decisions the benefit of the doubt, even if they don't agree with the decision

People’s decisions are often on display socially and they’re judged by others. When they make sense to others, they’ll understand it. However, if your decisions don’t make sense to others, people might respond in two ways —

  • If you don’t command a lot of respect: They might ridicule your decision.
  • If you command a lot of respect: they might say something like, "Well, I don’t know why John did that. It doesn’t make sense to me. However, it’s John; I’m sure he must have thought it through."

When they respect you, not only do they make peace with your seemingly non-sensical decisions, but instead, they feel the need to understand why you did something; because they feel there’s something to learn there.

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6. People compliment you (repeatedly)

Complimenting others doesn’t come naturally to most people. It’s simply because everyone has an ego. And their central goal in life is to feel good about themselves, not make others feel good.

This is why, judgment and not appreciation, is the prevalent route for most people. When you judge and ridicule someone, you subconsciously tell yourself, "You’re better."

That is why, judgment is natural to us, complimenting others is not. So if people around you repeatedly compliment your competence, it’s a huge sign that they actually respect you.

7. Your competition seeks advice from you

This is probably the biggest sign that you command respect.

We all work in competitive environments. Children compete for the top of the class. Employees competing for a promotion.

The general tendency for anyone in such environments is to appear strong and better than their competition. Hence, due to their ego, people are biased to not seek advice from the very people they’re competing with.

Hence, a sign that you’re highly respected is when someone you’re competing with actually seeks advice from you. Because then, they have admitted to themselves that you know some things they don’t, and they don’t fear appearing weak by seeking advice from you. They respect you and want to learn from you.

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