The Easy Psychology Test That Exposes Your Unconscious Mind

What are your inner thoughts about?

Last updated on Dec 12, 2022

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Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality defines the unconscious mind as an accumulation of feelings, thoughts, urges, desires, and memories that are outside your own conscious awareness.

The thoughts you are thinking in your unconscious mind are your basic instincts and urges, and the reason why we keep these thoughts in our unconscious mind (though we don't even realize it) is that they might be seen as unacceptable and irrational should we act on them.


The unconscious mind can also include repressed memories and emotions that continue to have an underlying effect on your thoughts and behavior.

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However, because we aren’t aware of the unconscious influences, we do nothing to restrain those thoughts — but they are always there and you can choose to notice them or not.

This psychology test will help you connect with your unconscious mind.

Bella Avila is a STEM graduate who recently became popular on TikTok for posting videos that answer questions people don't usually ask or even think about!

She posted a video about a psychology test to help you connect with your unconscious mind. And all you need is a pen and paper.



Answer the questions as they're asked, before reading on to the next question. Avila recommends not overthinking it. Rather, "just go with your gut."


She explains that this test is going to unlock a lot of knowledge about your unconscious self.

Imagine you’re walking in the woods and you’re with somebody else.

Who are you with?

The person you thought of is the most important person in your life at the moment.

As you are walking through the woods, you hear some rustling in the bushes and an animal pops out.

What kind of animal is it and what do you do?

The size of the animal is the amount of your stress, and how you reacted to seeing the animal is how you react to your stress.

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You go further into the woods and stumble upon a house.


How big is the house? Do you see a fence?

The size of the house is the size of your ambition.

And if you saw a fence, that means you’re narrow-minded. If there's no fence, you’re more open-minded.

You decide to go inside the house to explore, and inside you find a cup and a table.

What is the cup made out of? Do you see anything on or around the table?

The durability of the material of the cup represents the durability of the relationship with the person you thought of in the first question.

The more items you see on the table, the happier you are in your life at the moment.

You then decide to leave the house and go to the backyard, where you see a body of water.


How big is the body of water and how do you get across it?

The size of the body of water is the size of your sexual desire.

The more water that touches your body when crossing the body of water, the more you want to get a freaky in bed.

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