Teacher Calls A College Student 'Disgusting' In Front Of The Whole Class Because She Doesn't Use Shampoo

Aside from how cruel it is, not using shampoo all the time is a lot more common than people think.

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Hygiene standards can cause a lot of debate and are a seemingly constant hot topic on social media. 

For one young woman on Reddit, her differing view on one common hygiene standard turned into a pretty vicious and embarrassing moment with her classmates, even though her way of doing things is far more common than many think.

The student was called 'disgusting' by her professor because she doesn't use shampoo regularly.

Not using shampoo all the time is actually very common. Many hairstylists and even some dermatologists recommend shampooing only a couple of times a week because shampoo detergents strip hair of its natural oils.


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They also recommend infrequent shampooing for those with dryer hair types, and this Redditor is among those with this problem.

She wrote, "I mentioned [to my classmates] about how I haven't found a shampoo that didn’t make my hair bone dry and frizzy. I also mentioned how I just wash my hair with water on most days, no shampoo." However, revealing this in front of her professor turned out to be a huge mistake. 


Her professor called her disgusting and accused her of having bad hygiene in front of the entire class. 

"Today, we were in class and my teacher started off the lecture with how we need to be presentable," the young woman went on to say. The professor looked right at her while addressing the class and said that he overheard the hair care discussion. "That is unacceptable and disgusting," he said. "It's dirty, and I expect you all to have good hygiene."

This inspired many of her classmates to chime in and agree. And given her history of abuse and neglect as a child, it left this young woman feeling humiliated and triggered. 

"As a child of neglect, I struggled with hygiene as no one was there to teach me," she wrote, "and naturally, I was severely bullied due to it."



She went on to say that while she was able to keep herself together, "the entire thing gave me flashbacks of my past of being bullied and being neglected by my parents. I want to cry just thinking about what happened, I feel disgusting."


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People were outraged on her behalf, especially since avoiding shampoo is a common practice for people with certain hair types. 

Even if this woman were the filthiest person anyone ever encountered, publicly humiliating them in front of the class is cruel — and the way the professor's comments triggered memories of her past abuse is just one reason why they are inexcusable.

But they're also ignorant. Not washing your hair every day is standard practice, and even dermatologists recommend against it unless you have problems like dandruff or an extremely oily scalp.


And for some hair types, many people find using no shampoo at all or going "no poo" is the only way of managing their hair that works. Methods vary, from homemade concoctions (though most dermatologists say this is a bad idea) to only using conditioner to using nothing at all but hot water.

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And while the dermatology field definitely hasn't come to a consensus on the "no poo" approach, with many doctors calling its rumored benefit a myth, some doctors, in fact, recommend it, especially for those with curly or fine hair prone to dryness, breakage, and frizz.



Ultimately, this is all beside the point because how someone cares for their body is really nobody's concern but their own. And unless someone's shampoo routine is somehow materially affecting your life, it's probably best to just mind your own frizzness—er, business.

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