Pregnant Wife Is No Longer ‘Satisfied’ At Work & Wants To Quit — Despite Having Student Loan Debt From Her Psychology Degree

Is her decision selfish in light of their financial situation?

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It feels like it’s becoming more and more apparent that single-income households are a thing of the past. With the economy in a precarious state and debt higher than ever, it’s understandable that families would want the cushion that a second income can provide. 

One man felt this way, but his wife wasn’t on the same page.

A man said his pregnant wife wants to quit her job even though she has student loans to pay off.

A man called in to The Ramsey Show seeking help after his wife gave him some surprising news — she wanted to quit her job. The TikTok account shared a clip of the conversation.


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“Uh, so last night, my wife turned to me before bed and told me that she didn’t feel satisfied at work anymore and that it was causing her too much stress, and it just wasn’t what she expected when she joined the job,” he began.

He explained what his wife did for work. “She works as a social worker, um, while she’s waiting to save up to go into her master’s so she can become a clinical psychologist,” he said.

It would be one thing if this woman truly could not handle this job anymore. However, this wasn’t the first time she had done this.

“Um, she moved here about three years ago when we came here to Virginia, and she, she’s had plenty of jobs since then, but they’ve never lasted longer than about six months before she would either find a better job, or, uh, maybe they had a disagreement at work or she couldn’t take the job anymore,” her husband said.


The man detailed his and his wife’s financial situation as a family and discussed how this really isn’t the best time for a change of this magnitude.

“And, we’re, we’re in the middle of paying off the student loans from her psychology degree,” he said. “And we just found out that my wife is pregnant, like a month ago. So, it’s all kind of hitting me all at once.”

When the husband learned about his wife’s pregnancy, he wasn’t worried about their financial standing at all. In fact, he felt perfectly calm.

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“I’m very excited about the baby, but I was very, I was very collected when she told me about it,” he stated. “She was surprised, and I told her it’s because we’re financially stable, we’re on a plan, I don’t have to worry about knowing if we’re gonna be able to afford the baby or not because I know that we can.”

Now, he’s not so sure about their stability. “But if she’s moving, if she’s planning on moving to a different job, that it shakes my, my, my, um,  structure, I guess. Like, it shakes my rock. I don’t have — I know that we can get by with my income, but we cannot get by with a baby,” he shared.


This woman may be switching jobs too frequently.

The husband said nothing about his wife wanting to be a stay-at-home mom, so all signs point to her getting another job, just as she’s done in the past. While this is better than completely wiping out her income, it would still create a period of instability.

According to U.S. News and World Report, “The general rule of thumb for switching jobs is to try to switch gears every one to three years. Staying in the same job for a few years will provide opportunities for professional development and experience.”

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Of course, “Switching jobs isn’t obligatory if you really enjoy your work and organization.”


It sounds like this man’s wife is switching jobs too often to really get a good feel for a company. It might be best for her to wait things out and see if they get better instead of switching again.

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