The Rare Symbol On Your Thumb That Shows Up On Only Highly Intuitive & Psychic People

The lines on your thumb could be a good or bad sign, depending on how it appears.

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The hands are believed to carry a lot of spiritual and symbolic meaning.

The temperature of your hands can tell you something about your life and yourself, while powerful hand symbols can call on attributes needed in any moment.

Palmistry is another way the hands are used to understand who we are and how we operate. Also known as chiromancy, palmistry is the art of understanding your life and your future.


Though many believe it to be superstitious, others swear by it, believing that the lines on your hands are unique, and are a good indication of who you are and what your future holds.

One rare shape that the lines on the thumb form is called the "phoenix eye" or "eye of Odin."

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What does it mean if you have a phoenix eye on your thumb?

The phoenix eye, also known as the eye of Odin, appears on the inside of the thumb at the bend of the joint near the end of the finger. In Norse mythology, Odin sacrificed his eye in order to gain sacred, divine wisdom.


As it appears on your thumb, the phoenix eye is two lines that come together and appear to have the shape of an "eye."

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Some call it a Confucius eye, while others call it a "Yav" symbol.

Whatever you choose to call it, the phoenix eye is a powerful symbol of good luck and an early indicator that you will have success in life. It is most powerful on your dominant hand, especially if the line is unbroken.


There are several interpretations of what the Phoenix Eye means for the person who has it. Here are a few:

1. You're destined to have prosperity.

When identified as the Yav symbol, the phoenix eye is thought to look like a grain of wheat to symbolize reaping what you sow: prosperity. Those who have it are "preordained" to be prosperous.

2. You're highly intuitive.

People with the phoenix eye are thought to possess a high level of intuition. They listen to their inner voice and the universe when determining what the right course of action is. They trust themselves and divine guidance.

TikToker Sheila Kadeer, who goes by The Supernatural Leader, shares more on the associated intuitiveness here:




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3. Your marriage will be blessed.

Some believe that the phoenix eye is an indication that you will marry well and that your union will be blessed with good fortune and wealth. It is a sign that you will choose your mate perfectly and live happily ever after.

4. You're extremely intelligent and clever.

Another interpretation for those bearing the symbol on their thumb is that they are extremely clever. That high degree of intellect will help you to achieve all you want out of life.


5. Your health is either good or bad.

A phoenix eye on the thumb that has unbroken, solid lines is a sign of good health for the owner. Your body is in good shape and able to function well.

If the line is broken, the person’s health is bad. You will age quickly, and if you don’t take care of yourself early on, you might be plagued with health problems.


6. You have a lack of willpower.

A phoenix eye that contains lines that are not of the same depth tells you that your judgment and willpower are weak. Whoever has this inconsistent symbol should do their best to make sound decisions and stick to their guns.

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