How To Tell If Someone Is Having An Affair Just By Looking At Their Hand

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The art of Palmistry is mind-boggling. A palm reader can read your entire life from just the lines on your hand. The most common lines are the lifeline, love line, fate line, sun line, and heart line. Each line represents a piece of your life, how you got to where you are today and where you're going. 

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You can derive meaning from these lines through their depth, length, and the way they curve, and just like how everyone has a unique fingerprint, everyone has a unique hand. 

Palm reading is done on both hands: your left hand shows your potential or the future, while your right hand shows what you have done in the past. Asking questions while reading a person's palm is super important so you can validate your thoughts and observations. Also, when you know more about someone you can cater the information to their life experiences. 

The origin of palm reading is highly debated and pretty much unknown, some claim ancient India started the practice. Palm reading fell out for a while then came back around in the 1900s.

Unlike other divinations, Palmistry is quite easy to learn since you always have a test subject on hand: yourself. 

Nothing is to be overlooked in palm reading: What's the hand's texture? Are the nails painted? Every detail matters and can be linked to the overall palm reading. 

Additionally, the lines on a person's hands can correlate with the four elements: earth, fire, water, and air. While someone may have an earth hand, they may not necessarily be a Virgo — although, a person's hands are often of the same element of their astrological sign. 

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Different parts of the hand, or the mounts and plains, also relate to planets. This reading comes second after the overall evaluation of hand lines and initial observations. 

So how can you tell if someone is having an affair just by looking at their hand?

On the person's dominant hand there is a line below the pinky on the side of the hand. This line shows current romantic relationships. However, if there's a smaller line right below the larger line, the person is most likely having an affair. Crazy, right?! 

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According to astrologer and occultist Aliza Faragher, "palmistry is not a cut-and-dried practice yielding fixed answers. As you steep yourself in the meanings of hand shapes, mounts, plains, and lines, let your intuition guide you and begin to form your own patterns of interpretation."

She adds that we have to, "keep in mind that both hands and people change over the course of a lifetime and that we each have the opportunity to steer our own destinies." 

Like Faragher says, palmistry isn't straightforward. A person very well may be super-committed to their partner, yet still have an "affair" palm line since palmistry is not cut and dry. 

It's also important to remember that while Palmistry doesn't have a specific history, we still should respect it as its own art. 

Now go forth and read some palms! But try not to ruin anyone's life while you're at it.

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