The Image You See First In This Visual Test Reveals What You Find Least Attractive About Falling In Love

Photo: Oleg Shuplyak
what you find least attractive in relationships test

When you're in the first exciting stage of dating and starting a relationship with someone, it can be easy to see the world through rose-colored glasses.

After all, falling in love is a transformative experience during which even our grumpiest personality traits are overtaken by our newfound attraction to pretty much everything, so much so that even the rainiest days lose some of their depressive characteristics.

Well, you're in luck, because while you might not be able to figure out what it is you find unattractive about love, this personality test is here to help.

In fact, this personality test will determine what you find least attractive in relationships.

No matter how much you dig your partner and no matter how happy you are in your relationship, there is something about falling in love, being in love, and maintaining that love that can be, well... less than perfect. In fact, there are some aspects of being in love that each of us doesn't find anything attractive about at all.

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Thankfully, this personality test can give you the answers you're looking for. And once you know what to look for, you can keep your loving relationship strong without any chance of self-sabotage. It doesn't get much better than that!

Simply look at the picture below and make a mental note of the image you see first. Then scroll down. What you saw first reveals what you secretly find least attractive about falling in love in new relationships.

Photo: Oleg Shuplyak

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If you saw the astronomer

If you saw the astronomer first, the thing you find the least attractive about falling in love is allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

You've read the books, you've done your homework, and you know that in order to foster intimacy that goes the distance you need to let yourself be vulnerable, but to you it feels like a fool's errand.

Try to remember that though you have been burned before, there's no way to know what will happen in the future. The best thing we can all do is learn from our mistakes, stay humble, and resolve to be unafraid to let love inside.

If you saw the telescope

If you saw the telescope first, the thing you find the least attractive about falling in love is learning that the person you love has flaws.

You know that nobody's perfect, but to you there is something just crushing and awful about the first moment you realize the person you love isn't always going to live up to the heights of that pedestal you put them on.

Unfortunately, leaving someone the minute you realize they are a human being won't solve your problems. No matter who you love, there will always be a moment in time when you realize that they have their imperfections. Focus on embracing reality instead of running from it.

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If you saw the face

If you saw the face first, the thing you find the least attractive about falling in love is the rosy-colored glow it gives to everything around you.

You know it's nice, but you're also a realist and you hate knowing that something as trifling as "having feelings" could ever impact you the way it does other mere mortals.

Accept that happiness can come with the territory and it isn't something to sneer at. Some people go lifetimes without experiencing what you happen to have stumbled into right now.

If you saw the bridge

If you saw the bridge first, the thing you find the least attractive about falling in love is the way it can isolate you.

Of course, everybody goes through a so-called "nesting" period when they first start dating someone, but you fear that taking this time could make your friends resent you — or worse still, forget you!

Balancing your friendships with your romantic relationship isn't an easy feat, and there's often a learning curve — people know that. Go easy on yourself and take the time you need to get into the swing of things. Real friends will still be there when you are ready to reconnect.

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