The Image You See First In This Optical Illusion Reveals What Secretly Makes You Weird

Personality Test: What Secretly Makes You Weird

We like to think of ourselves as being gifted with all kinds of socially charming personality traits and characteristics, especially when it comes to things like dating, relationships and falling in love.

Sure, we can't all have the charisma of an A-list Hollywood movie star, but most us know how to put on the kind of smile that presents just the right optical illusion, allowing us to generally get along with other people. Heck, some of us even happen to enjoy ourselves when we do.

But the truth of the matter is that no matter how gifted you might be with social graces, there are going to be times in your life when you're going to wind up coming across as, well, a little bit weird and socially awkward, especially when you're under the spell of new love.

It's not always easy to predict when we might become so awkward that we wind up stepping on a few toes. After all, if it was easy to see our own flaws at all times, all of us would probably do everything we can to fix them, instead of continuing to do stuff that leaves the people we meet scratching their head.

It's a shame, too, because really, the first step towards making lasting change in ourselves is figuring out how to better relate to those around us. Just imagine the ways you could change in your life if you only knew what other people consider strangest about you.

Thanks to this personality test, you absolutely can determine what your most socially awkward personality traits may be.

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It might not be information that makes you feeling warm and sunny but it is information that can change your life.

All you have to do is look at the picture below and pay close attention to what you see first.

Then, scroll down to find out what this optical illusion-based personality test reveals about what secretly makes you weird and socially awkward.

If you saw...

1. The Man's Face

If you saw the man's face first, your most socially awkward personality trait is your tendency to share your opinion without being asked for it.

You think you're helping when you share your words of wisdom, and sometimes you actually are, but by and large, doing this makes people feel you don't respect them, or worse, as though you think they aren't living the life the way they should.

If this is something you want to change, try asking more questions when talking to new people rather than making definitive statements.

You'll learn more and get points from new acquaintances for being so curious about others.

2. The Woman and Two Figures Standing at the Front

If you saw the woman and the two figures standing at the front of the train first, your most socially awkward personality trait is sharing way too much about your personal life way too quickly.

To you, there's nothing odd about this. You consider yourself an open book, and you don't mind telling anyone who asks even the most personal details of your life.

Being open and honest is a wonderful way to be. But sharing private, personal things with people you've only just met can seem off-putting.

There just isn't a bond of trust in place yet, and that can make the other person feel pressured to opened up just as much. Give them time.

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3. The Two Seated Figures in White

If you saw the two seated figures in white first, your most socially awkward personality trait is your silence when meeting new people.

You feel more comfortable standing in silence until you have something you actually want to say. In your opinion, saying nothing at all is better than taking part in mindless small talk, and you assume everyone else around you agrees.

They don't. Small talk exists for a reason. It might not be the most riveting conversation you'll ever have, but it helps establish the rapport necessary to delve into deeper issues.

4. The People on the Sides of the Train

If you saw the people on the sides of the train first, your most socially awkward personality trait is your nosiness.

It's totally normal and natural to be curious about what's going on with other people's lives, but you would be wise to remember that you're not entitled to that knowledge unless the person in question wishes to share it with you.

While it's tempting to share gossip you've learned as a means of connecting with others, try and resist the urge whenever possible. Your desire to feel included will be satisfied in due time.

In fact, minding your own business and staying out of others' affairs will help people trust you more readily.

5. The Train

If you saw the train first, your most socially awkward personality trait is your lack of tact.

You think manners are for the birds, and yes, while some of them can feel performative and silly, others are not. Interrupting others when they are speaking and saying whatever pops into your head at any given moment without regard for the feelings of those around will send people running and leave you feeling lonely.

Some manners are silly and stupid. If you don't want to put your napkin in your lap, fine!

But if what you crave is social connection with your peers, try and do your best to adhere to protocols created with other people's feelings and sensibilities in mind. It won't steer you wrong.

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