What You See First In This Visual Test Reveals Your Biggest Secret

You've been hiding a big secret. You know, the one you never wanted anyone to know.

personality test biggest secret

When we're little kids we are taught that secrets are sacred things. We are told that we should never keep secrets from our parents and that we should do our best to always be open and honest with the people in our lives.

It's usually the case that relatively early on we learn all too well how destructive secrets can be, they can often end in misunderstandings or, in the worst-case scenarios, they can hurt the people in our lives even in spite of our best intentions.


While secrets may be destructive, sometimes they aren't, they are just personal information that the keeper would rather not have to share with the world at large.

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We all keep secrets, at least a few. We have some that we watch over for friends and others that we hold close to our hearts because they are our own.

You might think that you're an open book, but if you're a human being with a pulse then chances are you have a secret all your own that you think no one else knows about, but this test knows!

This simple personality test will narrow down what your biggest secret is the most likely to be.

It couldn't be easier to find out for yourself. All you have to do is look at the image below and pay close attention to the first thing in it that catches your eye. Next, scroll down and read about how what you saw first in this personality test reveals what your biggest secret truly is.


what is your biggest secret personality testPhoto: Alterego by Rafal Olbinski

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1. If you saw the harp

If you saw the harp first, your biggest secret is that you cheated on someone.

Maybe you were younger, or maybe you were new at relationships, but the truth of the matter is that you were old enough and experienced enough to know that what you were doing was wrong, but you did it anyway.


Maybe the thing you feel the most guilty about... is how not guilty you feel.

2. If you saw the woman

If you saw the woman first, your biggest secret is that you once shoplifted.

Sure, you were a kid, and sure it was a pack of gum or something equally ridiculous, but that hasn't stopped you from carrying the guilt about those sticky fingers with you even up until today.

Don't beat yourself up over this. Kids will be kids, and it's certainly kept you on the straight and narrow ever since, hasn't it?

3. If you saw the flowers

If you saw the flowers first, your biggest secret is you are not an animal person.

You get it, everyone is supposed to like animals, so you feign a smile and pat a dog when it walks by, and you may even own something like a fish or a reptile, but the truth of the matter is that animals don't do much for you.


They shed, they're dirty, and they are living, breathing, needy machines. You'd be much happier in a world where animals live at the zoo.

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