Pediatrician Tells A Mom To ‘Get Rid’ Of Her Senior Dog Because Her Daughter’s Allergic — But She’s Not Sure That’s The Right Thing To Do

She's faced with a difficult decision without a clearcut answer.

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A mom named Jenna Weeks went on TikTok to share a predicament she’s found herself in that seems to have no simple answer.

“My daughter has had eczema since she was pretty much born,” Weeks explained. “She’s just always had a reaction.”

“Her pediatrician's pretty much told me that the eczema and allergies go hand in hand,” she continued. “She’s 2 and a half now, and her eczema has persisted. It’s kept getting worse even though we’re treating it.”


They got an allergy panel for their daughter, and it came back positive. Weeks’ daughter is allergic to 3 things: Milk, eggs, and dogs.

The pediatrician told Weeks to ‘get rid’ of her older dog because of her daughter’s allergies, but she’s not sure that’s the right decision.

According to the nurse practitioner who called Weeks to report the results, her daughter is “severely allergic” to milk, eggs, and dogs, and her allergies are exacerbating her skin condition.

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“So, basically, I got told, ‘Oh yeah, she’s allergic to milk, eggs, and dogs, so if you have a dog, you might wanna just get rid of it,’” Weeks said.

“My dog is 13,” she continued. “He’s missing teeth. He’s got glaucoma. He is an old man. And they just were like, ‘Get rid of it.’”

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Weeks noted that they’re continuing her daughter’s medical care and had an appointment set up with an allergist, but she was clearly shaken by the doctor’s nonchalant attitude by telling her to give up her furbaby.

Weeks wondered if other people would get rid of a 13-year-old dog ‘If your kid’s doctor told you to.’

People in the comments section were divided, yet everyone seemed to understand what a tough decision Weeks was up against.

Some suggested trying to mitigate her daughter’s allergies as best she could, telling Weeks to manage her food allergies and try to limit her exposure to the older dog.

Others advised her to get an air purifier, keep the dog off her daughter’s bed and other furniture, and vacuum daily.


Certain people exclaimed they’d never rehome an older dog, citing it as being “cruel.” Others were of the opinion that kids always come first, especially when health is involved.

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All dogs deserve a loving home, no matter how old they are, just as all people deserve to live without discomfort.

The ASPCA reported that older dogs have a 25% adoption rate, compared to younger pups, who get adopted much more often, at a rate of 60%.


One woman offered an especially well-balanced take, saying, “I’m sorry you have to go through this. While your child is definitely a priority, a dog is not disposable. They love and depend on you.

Weeks posted a brief, humorous follow-up in response to everyone who said she should get rid of her dog.

She shared footage of herself vacuuming with the dog’s help, along with the caption, “My dog out here fighting for his life.”

@yearsasweeks Replying to @tabathaparker632 I genuinely cannot believe people like this exist in the world 😭😭 #seniordog #allergycheck #sickpeople ♬ Don't Give Up On Me - Andy Grammer

She filmed the pup in the bathtub, getting his coat washed with an anti-allergen shampoo. She filmed his sweet paw pressing the button on an air purifier.


While there’s no easy answer to what Weeks’ family is going through, it’s important to note that the decision is hers, and anything she chooses will be hard in different ways.

Keeping her dog doesn’t mean she doesn’t love or prioritize her child, and getting rid of the dog doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him deeply.

The emotional conflict she’s in highlights how much our pets mean to us, no matter what. All people deserve to live a healthy life, and all dogs deserve the best versions of their lives.

No one can deny that this mom is in a hard place. Whatever she ends up choosing, hopefully, she finds peace of mind, knowing she gave her daughter and her doggo all the love in the world. 


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