Parent Calls Police On Homeless Person Living In The Parking Lot Of Their Son's Daycare

Some criticized the parent for assuming the homeless person was a threat without evidence, while others supported their decision to prioritize safety.

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A parent grew concerned after noticing a homeless person residing in the parking lot of her son’s daycare. Worried about the well-being of her child and other children at the daycare center, the mom had the person removed. 

However, she is now facing backlash for being unsympathetic toward the homeless person’s situation. 

The parent called the police to have a homeless person removed from the parking lot of her son’s daycare. 

Sharing her story on Reddit, the Colorado mom wrote that one morning as she was dropping her son off at daycare, she noticed a homeless person in a tent in the parking lot. The daycare center is located in a local church, and the mom explained that those struggling with homelessness and addiction often went to the church for help and resources. 


“Normally I try to ignore those [the tents] as they have become increasingly common in Denver as housing prices skyrocket,” the mom confessed. “But this is my son's daycare and I can not ignore a potential threat to his safety.” 

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She took her concerns to management, who called the police to have the homeless person removed from the property. 

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“I feel bad because I know that there's ongoing efforts for addiction support at the church that perhaps he was seeking to take advantage of,” she wrote. “But I just can't risk an episode or needles where my son plays and felt I needed to do something.” 

Reactions to the mother's actions were mixed.

Some people believed that this mom was overstepping, and judging the homeless person too quickly. 

“To assume he was an addict without proof makes you a major [expletive],” one Redditor commented. 

“If you saw needles scattered around, you'd be justified. If you saw someone ranting and raving, you'd be justified. If you saw someone who was just getting too close to the kids for comfort, you'd be justified. But this person was literally just minding their own business by a church … and you blew it all up for them,” another user wrote. 


However, others defended the mom, believing that homeless people should not be loitering on school grounds. 

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“No one should be loitering around a school or daycare. It’s a matter of safety for the kids. Doesn’t matter who they are, they will be asked to move along,” one user pointed out. “As a management company worker, I’ve found meth pipes and meth, syringes, and knives in our daycare’s playground. We have a responsibility to our tenants and the children in the building,” another user wrote. 


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In many cases, schools have rules regarding who is permitted on campus grounds, which may include restrictions on non-students or unauthorized individuals. 

While some people may view the mom's actions as unfair and cruel, in the end, she was simply looking out for the well-being of her child. 

However, this does not mean that we should label all homeless people as dangerous addicts or call the police every time we see them in public spaces. Instead, we can help them by volunteering for homeless outreach programs, advocating for affordable housing, and supporting local food banks. 



One of the most effective things we can do for homeless individuals is to have compassion and treat them with dignity. Engage in conversations, listen to their stories, and offer kindness and empathy without judgment. 


According to a Denver Housing Survey and Data Report in 2023, the leading cause of homelessness in Denver is the lack of affordable housing. The city has an average rent cost of $1,997, which means that a minimum-wage worker would need to work 80 hours a week to afford a one-bedroom apartment. 

Most of the homeless people in Denver are doing what they can to get a roof over their heads, including working part-time and volunteering in their communities. 

Mom Calls Police On Homeless Person Living In The Parking Lot Of Son's DaycarePhoto: Dmytro Zinkevych / Shutterstock 


Despite the popular myth that most homeless people struggle with addiction, statistics from the American Addiction Center show that only one-third of the homeless population reported having alcohol and or other drug use problems. 

Instead of judging, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of homeless individuals and work towards addressing the broader issues of homelessness and poverty. 

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