Woman Reveals That One Big Compliment Men Give Women Doesn't Mean What They Think It Means

Whether or not they intend it as a compliment, it is certainly not always true.

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There is one comment that men often think is a compliment when directed at women they find attractive. However, many women perceive it quite differently. 

One woman shared her true feelings about the popular remark and why men who say it are often wrong. 

The woman revealed why the compliment, ‘You’re such a natural beauty,’ does not mean what men think it does. 

In a TikTok video, Tallulah Rose said that she is often the recipient of the “natural beauty” comment despite claiming to be anything but. 


“I actually just like don’t understand men and how their brains work sometimes,” Rose said. “Today, I was minding my own business, and this guy comes up to me, and he’s like, ‘I just want to say that you are so elegant. You are such a natural beauty.’” 

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However, Rose confessed that most women would take a look at her and immediately know at first glance that it was all the result of cosmetic work. “My jawline costs like $10,000. My lips are clearly [expletive] done,” she said. “My hair is $2,000, my lashes $200 every two weeks.” 

Additionally, Rose said that she often has a face full of make-up. 

“They say, ‘They don’t make them [other women] like you these days,’” she shared. “Yes, they do. They make them down at [expletive] Matty’s Medi Spa, okay, with a needle and a [expletive] scalpel.” 

Surely enough, many women revealed in the comments section that most of the men in their lives also think this way. 

“My ex said that Lana Rhoades was a natural beauty … and that if I looked more like her, he would be winning in life,” one TikTok user commented. 


Rhoades has been open about the fact that she has undergone plastic surgery and has gotten face fillers and butt injections. 

“My ex said that the Long Island Medium was a natural beauty,” another user wrote. 

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo is rarely ever seen without her hair and make-up done. 

“I had a male friend, and when we talked about beauty, he told me, ‘I like natural women. Like Kim Kardashian, for example,’” another added. 

We don’t even need to explain why Kim Kardashian is not a “natural” beauty. 

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“Men don’t like natural beauty. They like beauty that LOOKS natural, and they literally don’t understand,” another user pointed out. 

Some women may find the “natural beauty” comment patronizing or objectifying, feeling that it reduces them to their physical appearance or suggests that they are only valued for their looks.

However, other women may find the remark flattering, given the world of concealer, stretch mark creams, and cosmetic alterations we live in. 

@ingaterner “Natural beauty” 😍 This is a real-life situation. I've been a makeup artist for 9 years, I wear makeup everyday and I've encountered many instances where guy would say, 'You're so beautiful with almost no makeup on, you have your natural beauty. Why wear makeup? Be like this all the time.' And the funny part is, I might have had more makeup on than usual that day! 😂 This is hilarious! 🤣 ib: @Deborah Ruiz ♬ bad idea right? - Olivia Rodrigo

Being called a “natural beauty,” especially if you have had no work done, your hair is in a bun, and your face is bare, may evoke a sigh of relief. They may appreciate strangers noticing their inherent attractiveness without relying on makeup or artificial enhancements. 


Whether being called a "natural beauty" is offensive or not can depend on the context and the individual's perspective. 

You can compliment a woman’s natural beauty when you see her at the gym, grabbing a hangover coffee, or anywhere else she usually wouldn’t be prone to doing her hair and makeup or evidence of cosmetic procedures. 

While we can agree that women like the Kardashians are indeed stunning, it is important to note that most of their looks did not come naturally. 


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