'Entitled' Neighbor Sends A Letter To A Homeowner Asking Her Not To Let Her Cats Sit By The Window Because It's Upsetting Her Dog

“They do nothing but sleep."

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A woman was left dumbfounded after receiving a handwritten letter from one of her neighbors with an unreasonable request regarding her cats.

The woman’s neighbor left her a note asking her to keep her cats away from the window to keep her dog from barking.

Sharing her story along with a photo of the handwritten note to the subreddit r/cats, the woman explained that she has three pet cats, along with two other strays she let in the house.


Two of the cats love to lie in front of one of the windows and bask in the sun when the weather is nice. “They do nothing but sleep. We keep the windows open as we don’t have AC yet,” the woman wrote.

But her cats' chosen spot to relax seems to upset one of her neighbors.

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“Hey, neighbor!” the note began. “Could you please keep your cats out of the window? They are causing my dog to sit in the window and bark all day long. I work from home, so this is very difficult. Thanks.” 

The woman found her neighbor’s request to be completely unjustified as the cats are in her house and should be allowed to roam (or sleep) wherever they please.


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Others online sided with the woman, agreeing that her cats were not the problem.

“So your cats are just sitting on your own windows? That's frankly none of your neighbors' business. Why can't he/she close their window?” one Redditor pointed out.


“Send back a letter telling the neighbor to keep their dog out of the window because its nonstop barking is keeping your cats awake,” another user commented.

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“You cannot stop a cat from sitting in a window. Cats WILL find a way,” a third Redditor wrote. 


If the woman’s neighbor is bothered by her dog barking at the cats, there are several other solutions that don't require asking the woman to keep her cats away from the window in her own home.

The neighbor could put her dog in another room that is not within view of the window, they could put their dog outside, or they could even hire a trainer to minimize the dog’s barking.

The dog owner could even simply close the curtains or blinds in her own house so the dog can't see the cats.

Your home is your personal property, and you and your pets have the right to be anywhere in the house, whether it be looking out the window or standing by the front door.


If anything, the woman’s neighbor should work with her dog to be friendlier to their fellow cat neighbors. Maybe one day, they’ll all be able to co-exist peacefully and sleep by the window without setting anyone off!

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