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Mother Brags How She Fed Pet Rooster To Her Family After He Attacked Her Daughter

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After a woman’s pet rooster attacked her young daughter, she decided to plot revenge against the bird. 

Although she never has to worry about the rooster going after her daughter again, many people disagreed with her approach and how she handled the situation. 

The mother revealed that she cooked and fed her pet rooster to her family after he attacked her daughter. 

The controversial story was originally shared on Facebook, and later posted to X (formerly known as Twitter). According to the woman named Magan Schmidt, her pet rooster attacked her daughter’s face. 

“Well it finally happened. Our mean ole backyard rooster, HeiHei, attacked the baby child!!” she said.

Schmidt shared a photo of her daughter’s face, which was bruised and cut on her cheek, with a small cut just above her eyebrow. 

“We were SO lucky he didn’t do anymore damage than he did. Half an inch more and she would have lost an eye!” the mother claimed. “Nevertheless, he got what was coming to him.” 

To get revenge against HeiHei after he attacked her daughter, Schmidt decided to cook and serve him to her family for dinner. She included a photo of the cooked meat in a pan to prove it. 

“Mama don’t play when it comes to her babies. HeiHei nuggets for dinner!” Schmidt wrote. 

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Needless to say, she received mixed reactions for her choice of revenge. 

Some people found the decision to eat HeiHei harmless and even funny. 

“Revenge is a dish best served with honey mustard,” one X user commented. “I hope HeiHei at least tasted good,” another user wrote. 

However, others believed that it was cruel to a family pet no matter what they did. They pointed out that the children aren’t always the most gentle around animals, and that the rooster very well had been provoked by Schmidt’s child before he attacked her. 

“I know people eat chickens all the time, but killing it specifically because it attacked your child doesn’t sit right with me when children are known to antagonize animals,” one user shared. “I eat chicken but this reminds me of when irresponsible parents leave their toddlers alone with their huge dog to pester it and then it bites and they put it down,” another user pointed out. 

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While it is true that the little girl could have poked, bothered or frightened the rooster, it is also true that the rooster could have turned on her for no particular reason at all. 

According to Grubbly Farms, a rooster will attack for two reasons: to defend the rest of his flock if they perceive you as a threat, or to assert their dominance over you. They mostly exhibit aggressive behavior during puberty. 

This may mean that, unfortunately, if you have children while owning roosters, they may bite when the kids get too close. 

mother brags about how she cooked and fed pet rooster to family after it attacked her daughterPhoto: Wizard Goodvin / Shutterstock 

One way to get a handle on this is to show your rooster that you're not someone they should fear, but their caretaker. You should always carry around their favorite snacks when you know you’ll be approaching them to give to them. 

If you are uncomfortable with their aggression and concerned about your children’s safety, you can always rehome them. However, it may not be the best approach to cook them and eat them just for exhibiting normal animal behavior. 

Killing and eating your own pet for revenge is not exactly something to brag about.

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