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Mom Shares 'Video Proof' That Some Men Are Born Without The 'Find It' Gene

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Ever wonder why sometimes men cannot complete even the simplest tasks despite being given word-for-word instructions and constant guidance through the entire process? The truth is, some of them may just be born that way. 

One mother shared a hilarious video of her toddler son who struggled greatly to find an item right in front of his eyes, proving that some men are indeed born without what has been dubbed the “find it” gene. 

The mother shared a video of her son being unable to find his jacket sitting right in front of him. 

Annie Michelle, a mother of two, took to TikTok to unveil video proof that some men are born without the “find it” gene, or the ability to find items without trouble or guidance from another person. While many females have no difficulty finding items they are asked to retrieve, some males, on the other hand, appear to struggle in that area. 

Michelle’s toddler son, Hank, is one of those males. 



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In a hilarious TikTok video that has been viewed over 2 million times, Michelle recorded Hank trying — and failing — to find his jacket that was right in front of his eyes the entire time. 

“Get your jacket, it’s right there,” Michelle can be heard saying behind the camera, even pointing to the gray jacket that was on a chair just inches away from her son. 

Still, Hank seemed to look everywhere except the exact spot where the jacket was. The little boy looked into the kitchen, in the hallway, on the floor, basically everywhere except for the chair in front of him.  Michelle continued pointing her finger in the direction of the jacket, and could not help but laugh as Hank ignored her help, his eyes darting all about the room in search of the jacket. 

Mom Shares Video Proof That Some Men Are Born Without The Find It GenePhoto: Ricky Esquivel / Canva Pro

“Hank, it’s right there on the chair! Look at Mommy’s hand!” Michelle said to him as he wandered in circles, appearing to lose all hope that he would ever find his jacket. 

Finally, after following his mother’s finger, he spotted his jacket lying across the chair and retrieved it. 

The entire search lasted nearly a minute. 

Michelle believes that her video is proof that men are born without the ability to find items right in front of their eyes. 



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“By the time he finds it, it will no longer fit,” one person sarcastically commented on the video. 

“It took him almost three business days to find it,” another person wrote. 

There is actually a scientific reason behind why some men have difficulty finding things that are right in front of them. 

According to Ricky Arenson, a health and relationship expert, men are biologically conditioned to be hunters. Instead of being able to multi-task, they are solely focused on just one task at a time. 

“Men struggle to find things right in front of their eyes because they evolved to be protectors and hunters; they approach tasks with a single-minded focus,” Arenson explained. “Functional brain mapping using MRI equipment has shown that when men concentrate, they focus activity in one area of the brain, whereas women use their brains more diversely.” 



As a result of evolution, men also generally do not have the same eyesight as women, which can affect their finding abilities. The retina in the human eye contains millions of rod-shaped cells that strengthen one’s peripheral vision. Women have a higher amount of these rod-shaped cells than men, making their peripheral vision better than their male counterparts. 

However, there are men out there who have no difficulty finding things, depending on how much attention and focus they put into the task. 

There are some days when they may just be a little off their game, especially if they are toddlers like Hank with a small attention span and lots of energy! 

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