Dad Arrests His Daughter For A DUI Despite Being A Sheriff's Officer — 'You're Getting Arrested'

He made her accept responsibility for her actions.

John Lee and his 21 year old daughter Theresa Lee, during a DUI stop Howell Township Police Department via Body Cam Footage; Thinkstock Images / Canva

A 21-year-old woman was recently arrested for driving under the influence after stopping at a Wawa after her trip to Applebee’s. She claimed to have only had one drink when she was stopped by officers, but then she revealed something else.

Perhaps hoping to get herself out of trouble, she revealed to the officer questioning her that her father worked as a Sheriff’s Officer with the local police department. What she didn’t know was what her father would do when he arrived on the scene.


The dad arrested his daughter for a DUI despite him being a Sheriff’s Officer.

When her father arrived at the scene, he did nothing to help her in getting out of the traffic accident, and instead let her be arrested for the crimes she committed.

This occurred back in December 2022, where the 21-year-old woman named Theresa was stopped by police at a Wawa after there was a report that a white car had struck a traffic light and then quickly drove off. Part of the vehicle, the front right bumper, remained on the road.

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The officer asked her what her direct path was as she was coming out of the Applebee's, reciting the exact path that would put her at the place of the traffic light that had been hit. When asked if she was the one who hit the pole, she said no.

Instead, she fabricated a lie that she had broken her front right bumper over a month ago, speeding off from her ex-boyfriend’s house because they had broken up with each other.

“Your bumper’s in the road over there, okay? Did you just hit that pole over there?” the officer asked once more, to which she replied, “No, I promise you, I did not.”

He didn't believe her, but throughout this entire interaction, Theresa had not once, but twice, revealed that her father was a Sheriff’s Officer with the local police department. His name was John Lee, and she wanted the officer questioning her to call him to the scene.


After she began crying, admitting to hitting “something,” and somewhat cooperating with police officers, her father appeared at the scene and started asking the officers questions.

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Theresa’s father was praised for letting her get arrested and taking responsibility.

He was told repeatedly by the police officers doing their jobs not to interfere with their investigation, and Lee was nothing but cooperative. When the officers ran her through some field sobriety tests, it turned out that she had not told the complete truth, and she had more than one drink.


As the handcuffs were being placed on her and she walked over to be placed in the car, Theresa said, “Dad! Dad! Dad! I’m the captain of the soccer team!” before hugging him. Lee said, “Cut the [expletive], you’re getting arrested for DUI” before she was entered into the vehicle.

Instead of trying to cover for her, make excuses for her, or use his position at the local police department, Lee made his daughter accept the responsibility for her actions — a move that received praise from people online.

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“Commend the father. He didn’t use his position & authority to get her out of trouble. Definitely hard for him I’m sure but I’m sure a lesson learned,” one person wrote. “I’m glad her dad didn’t get involved and whatever happened after is a hard lesson learned,” someone else said.


Many touched on the point that it must have been hard for him as well, seeing his own daughter be cuffed and stuffed into the back of a police car.

She was taken to the police station where test results showed she was over twice the legal limit with a BAC of 0.17. She was issued a court summons, according to the Daily Mail, for driving under the influence, reckless driving, and failure to report a car accident.

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