Mom Is Filing Charges Against 10-Year-Old Boy For 'Putting Hands' On Her 9-Year-Old Daughter For The Third Time At School

He has repeatedly bullied her while the school has done nothing.

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A mom took to social media and revealed that she was going to file charges against a 10-year-old boy after he repeatedly bullied her daughter and the school didn't do anything about it.

After her pleas to school officials were ignored, she felt turning to the police was the only way to ensure her own child’s safety at school. 

The woman said she's filing charges against her 9-year-old daughter's classmate who has repeatedly assaulted her.

In a TikTok video that has garnered over 230,000 views, Breana Marie shared that she was going to the police station with her daughter to attempt to file charges against a 10-year-old boy who had victimized her.


In desperation, she claimed her daughter’s classmate had put his hands on her numerous times, despite her efforts to prevent him from doing so. 



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According to Marie, she had “gone through all of the channels” that she possibly could to protect her daughter from her bully. “I have reported him, we’ve gone through teachers, I’ve done the whole school system process,” she said. 

Still, the bullying persisted. “Last week, he decided to repeatedly punch her over and over again in the chest,” Marie explained. “I don’t understand why they’re still in the same classes together, I don’t understand why they still have the same interactions together, so here I am.”

Marie informed her daughter’s school that she was unenrolling her as a student until she felt safe enough to return. 

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“I’m just sad. I’m sad that it’s come to this, I’m sad that the school system is doing nothing for her, I’m sad that we’ve done everything that we’re supposed to do and now we’re here,” Marie said. 

Marie explained that before filing charges, she has to face the school board and make them aware of what has happened.

The board included the boy’s parents, who, according to Marie, were known to be bullies themselves

“I feel like my job right now is to have her back,” she said. “I’m just hoping that I’m doing the right thing and not making a mountain out of a molehill.” 

Still, if there was one thing that Marie wanted for her daughter besides protection, it was a valuable life lesson. 


“I want her words to mean something. I want her to feel like people respect her words when she speaks,” she shared. 

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“If you are a parent who has dealt with bullying, specifically with a little boy beating up a little girl, I would love your input, I would love advice, I would love anything that I need to be prepared for to go in and have a district meeting tomorrow.”

Mom Is Filing Charges Against A Boy For Putting Hands On Her Daughter At School Photo: Lopolo / Shutterstock 


Most people praised the mother and extended their support for her handling of the situation. 

“You’re teaching your daughter from a young age that when someone hurts her, she should speak up and advocate for her safety. GREAT JOB!” one TikTok user commented. “Please do not question if you are doing the right thing. YOU ARE! You are your daughter’s best advocate!” another user wrote. 

Others offered advice on how she should handle her daughter’s bullying moving forward. 

“Document everything by email. Get your child in to see a therapist and get a letter. Submit a formal request for a safety plan. Lawyer up,” one user recommended. “Get a protection order against him. They will have to move him away from her,” another user wrote. 

If the school isn't willing to offer Marie an effective solution, hiring a lawyer might be a good option.

According to The Umansky Law Firm Criminal Defense & Injury Lawyers, bullying can, in most states, be categorized as a crime if the actions include assault, battery, or stalking, no matter what the bully’s age is. 




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Regardless of state law, it seems the most important step for any parent who feels bereft of a viable solution is to document everything and make sure all the administrators are aware of what is going on, both with written communication and in-person meetings.

How can parents support a child they suspect is being bullied?

Data collected by the National Center for Educational Statistics found that, as of 2019, over 20% of school students have reported being bullied by classmates. According to the report, that's approximately one in five students.


With bullying rates that high, it's no wonder parents hold their breath each day as they watch their children set foot onto their school buses, hoping their classmates will choose kindness over cruelty. After all, parents are often their children’s biggest fans, and when they hurt, their parents hurt even more. 

They play a crucial role in helping their bullied children cope and overcome the challenges they face. There are steps parents can take, however, to help their bullied child manage the emotional trauma.

Outside of turning to the administration, parents can set a positive example by modeling healthy ways to resolve conflicts and manage emotions. Most importantly, however, they can provide a safe space for their children in their own homes, and lend a listening ear whenever they need it. 


While parents cannot protect their kids from every bully that comes their way, they can do everything in their power to support them and validate their experiences. 

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