Millennial Worker Says The Days She Has To Go Into The Office Instead Of Working Remote Are The ‘Worst Days Of Her Life’

She's one of many who prefer to work remotely.

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, working remotely has become a significant part of our culture. Some employees, however, have had to return to the office against their wishes. Others work in a hybrid structure where they are remote some days and in-office others.

One worker whose company has adopted the hybrid approach is not happy about the days she has to go into the office.

The millennial employee said the days she has to work in the office are the ‘worst days of her life.’

TikTok user Kori Powell is a millennial with a hybrid job that requires her to be in the office two days a week. She was extremely unhappy with this arrangement.




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“Does anybody else fall apart at the office?” she asked in a video. “Like, I’ve been here for two and a half hours, and I have to go home.”

Powell explained that life wasn’t always like this for her. In fact, in the past, going into the office was once the norm.


“I think about me in my twenties, and I’m like, I used to come into the office for eight whole hours a day, every single day for years in a row,” she said. “And then COVID happened, and now I come to work two times a week, work remotely the other three, and those two days that I’m in the office are literally the worst days of my life.”

“I’m looking for help. Feel free to send me a Venmo,” she joked.

Powell is not alone in her preference for working from home.

It's no wonder why, considering a study by Ergotron on employee well-being post-COVID found that "56% of employees report improvements to their mental health due to remote work."

The same study found that remote workers tend to work longer hours, meaning they are more productive and able to complete more work. However, doing so from home ensures that they still have a positive relationship with work and have balance in their life.


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TikTok users wholeheartedly agreed. “I am easily 50% less productive when I have to go into the office,” one user commented on Powell's post. 

Powell agreed, writing, “I am so productive in my stretchy pants.”


“It’s just draining having to interact with so many people in person,” another commenter wrote.

Another TikTok user made an interesting point about what the pandemic taught us about work — “There are next to no legit reasons why ‘office’ jobs need to be done in the office. We learned we can do it at home just fine.”

In another video, Powell highlighted how work today rules our lives.

“Okay, I made it through Monday, Tuesday,” she said. “I need to make it through Wednesday, Thursday, half of Friday, and then my life begins again for another two and a half days, and then it dies again.”



Other TikTokers understood exactly what she was talking about. “Who created the five-day workweek?” someone asked in dismay.


“When I say living for the weekend, I mean sitting on the couch,” another commenter joked.

Although Powell’s videos were made in jest, there is still truth in them. Many people feel burnt out and don’t understand why they have to keep going to the office — costing them time and money in a pointless commute — to work a job that could easily be done from home.

Powell’s videos highlight growing unrest among workers regarding the right to work on their own terms.


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