5 Masculine Behaviors Women Just Don't Understand

Men: this type of behavior is baffling the lady in your life.

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By Renee Wade

We often hear about how difficult it is for men to understand women — usually leading to jokes about men wishing didn’t have to learn to read minds in order to understand women better. But there are just as many masculine behaviors that women struggle to understand, too.

The truth is, that masculine energy traits and perspectives are drastically different from the feminine. Most men possess a strong, masculine essence deep within them. They can’t help it, they were bathed in masculine hormones during their entire gestational period.


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Of course, that doesn’t make it wrong for men to be feminine or women to be masculine. We all have our own internal “center of gravity” when it comes to our own sexual essence. So we shouldn’t feel pressured to become more feminine if we’re women, but we don’t necessarily resonate with femininity.

The point here is for us all to understand the massive difference between these energies and therefore, have more compassion for those around us.

Here are 5 masculine behaviors women just don’t understand:

1. The need to always get the job done 

The masculine energy is always looking for the point because the quicker he is able to get to the point, the quicker he is able to get the end result, the goal, or the touchdown. Ultimately it’s in the masculine energy to reach the goal efficiently so that he could have internal peace of mind. And that means he won’t always have a lot to tell you at the end of the day, he won’t always have a whole collection of fancy gossip.


The masculine just wants to get the job done, because it may just keep him up at night knowing that he hasn’t completed his mission.

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2. Refusal to make a big deal about anything 

In order to score the touchdown, to complete the mission, to change the world — the masculine has to take gigantic missions and turn them into bite-size pieces so that he doesn’t feel overwhelmed. By making things small, they become accomplishable.

That’s why, sometimes, the masculine doesn’t like to make big deal out of things. They just get on with their lives. Whereas women living in their feminine tend to do the opposite. They make small things big, so they can fully feel their emotions.


Feminine energy lives in the flow of emotions because to the feminine, emotion is life. The better you can be attuned to your emotions, the better you can nurture life.

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3. Pushing down feelings and emotions 

Why doesn’t he have any feelings about this? Why does he look so blank?

As a feminine soul, it’s easy to be affected by emotions, as they come and go like the waves in the ocean. The masculine sees emotions as a burden — a hurdle to completing his mission. You can’t be in the middle of a buffalo hunt whilst feeling sad, angry, or even joyous.

That, of course, doesn’t mean men don’t have emotions. Au contraire, men in their masculine tend to block out emotions for the sake of their mission. But oftentimes, when they are out of that masculine mode, they need emotional stimulation more than women in order to feel alive.


Remember, just like women, men also have both masculine and feminine parts of their souls. The only difference is our center of gravity per se.

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4. Pulling away or disappearing suddenly 

Wait…that doesn’t mean men don’t want relationships! It means that when men are in their masculine (imagine them hunting wild boars), they are in no condition to be aware of the relationships around them.

That’s why men pull away, disappear, or go into their man caves; all these behaviors are an indication of their masculine instincts kicking in. That’s what is intuitive for masculine energy.


It is often the feminine energy that draws masculine men into the realm of an intimate loving relationship. As I always say, an intimate relationship is a feminine domain.

5. Not needing love for sex 

For the masculine, sex and love are completely different worlds, and they take up completely different parts of the brain. That doesn’t mean they can’t overlap. In fact, when a man falls in love, sex and love do come together.

By default, most men intuitively understand that sex is just sex. Love is love. He could have sex with women for years and not feel an ounce of love.


However, when a man is in love, then he is living in both masculine and feminine, so he has easier access to both energies. Otherwise, if he was only in his masculine, he could and would never connect with a woman in her feminine.

If you are a woman reading this, then my hope is for you to really start to understand the masculine perspective, because the more understanding and awareness you have, the more value you can bring to the table in every single interaction with men.

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Renee Wade is a writer, coach, and the founder of The Feminine Woman.