Man Wonders If Single Women Have A ‘Purpose On The Earth’ If They Are Not Trying To Have A Family

Newsflash: women are more than just mothers and we shouldn't be ridiculed for choosing to put ourselves first.

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It seems one man believes that single women should be trying harder to get into long-lasting relationships, and the response to his claims has been overwhelming — with many people asking the same thing: why should it matter?

In a TikTok video, a content creator named James insisted that women only have one purpose in this life, and it has nothing to do with our hopes and dreams but rather how fast we can procreate and start families.


James questioned if single women have a 'purpose on this earth' if they aren't trying to start a family.

"Being a single woman is not a compliment. It actually raises a lot of red flags, to be honest," James bluntly stated. He explained that a woman, simply being single, causes a lot of questions from peers and counterparts about whether or not they are even capable of being in a relationship.

This isn't the first time James has shared his dignified opinion about women, either. In a similar video, he claimed that sooner or later, women would have to choose to settle because the "perfect man" just didn't exist.




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What he didn't seem to incorporate into this video is that no woman is ever looking for a perfect man at all, but just a man who can respect not only us but other women in general, isn't misogynistic and understands the importance of mutual respect and value in a relationship. These aren't even high standards at all, but rather the bare minimum; ultimately, it seems that a lot of men out there can't seem to rise to the occasion as it is. 

He advised that women should "just be happy at the end of the day" while being realistic about the kinds of men they can attract. However, this "advice," if you want to even call it that, shouldn't be something women should have to follow — ever.


Women often receive criticism and backlash for having standards and a list of attributes that they want in a partner. No one should ever have to compromise their morals, values, or needs because they feel obligated to be in a relationship. 

Telling women to "settle" doesn't acknowledge their individual desires, aspirations, and the value they hold. Therefore, women should not feel pressured to get with a man due to societal expectations of womanhood and, later on, motherhood. Instead, we should be encouraged to prioritize our own happiness, and if that means being single until we find someone who makes us truly happy, then so be it.



James argued that the only purpose women serve on this planet is to have families and become mothers, and if we don't have any desire to be mothers, then we are pretty much useless on this planet. It is such a dangerous and misogynistic mindset to have as it reduces women to mere vessels for reproduction and disregards their contributions to society beyond these outdated traditional gender roles.


Women are so much more than mothers. We have hopes, we have dreams, we laugh, we cry, we have loving friendships, and we deserve to be seen as human beings outside of our uteruses and companionship to men. 

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Other women were quick to respond to James' video with their opinions on how he views single women.

Stitching James' original video, a content creator named Ash insisted that as a single woman, her purpose on this earth is to respond to misogynic comments like this and to teach other women that their value isn't rooted in a man. She also pointed out that there are women who are in relationships and marriages and can't have children. Does this diminish their femininity?



"Why is it always women?" she questioned. "Why is it our job to advance society? It's not about money or materialistic things. What women want in a partner is somebody who's going to help elevate them, who is going to be emotionally available, who can take responsibility."


Another content creator named Ace gave an honest and thoughtful response to James' single women soapbox and explained that his question regarding purpose is something women ask other women, but men need to start asking themselves what they bring to the table. What is their purpose? Because it can't be putting down women for the sake of making themselves feel good  — we're just not tolerating that anymore.



"You need to be in MEN'S business. The question is not, 'Well, what are women gonna do now that they're not making babies?'" Ace said. Instead, they argued that men should be asking themselves, "What am I gonna do now that women don't need me?"

A man's job is no longer to tell women what they can't and can do, what their purpose should or shouldn't be because, and this has always been the case, it's none of their business, and what we do with our lives has never concerned them. 


In a funnier vein, a little girl named River had the best response to James' question after being asked by her mother: "What's your purpose?"



In a monotone and matter-of-factly way, River stated: "To witness the fall of men"  — and honestly, I'm right there with you, River.

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