Man Wonders Where All The ‘Real Women’ Have Gone — ‘Girls Aren’t The Way They Used To Be In The 1800s’

"Where are, like, the real women?"

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Women have made great strides in recent decades. The idea of the woman as a housewife and mother before all else has largely disappeared in the wake of women climbing the corporate ladder and taking on positions of power.

But, some still hold on to this antiquated notion. It can be particularly concerning when those holding on to it are men. After all, shouldn’t women be free to choose the life they want? One man doesn’t think so.


A TikToker wants to know what happened to ‘real women.’

TikTok content creator William Bergholz posted a controversial video in which he detailed what he was looking for in a woman — what he clarified to be a “real woman.”

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“Girls just aren’t the way they used to be,” Bergholz lamented. “They’re not how girls were in the 1800s and early 1900s.”

Bergholz went on to say that girls were no longer interested in cooking, cleaning, getting married, and having a family. Unfortunately for him, these are the main things he looks for in a woman.

“I meet so many girls where it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m gonna go to the gym, make myself super attractive, and I’m only gonna date him if he’s good-looking and wealthy,’” he continued, making it clear that he looked down on these women.

“There’s just, like, this normalized culture here of just, like, gold diggers,” he continued.


Bergholz said that he knew his views were unpopular and would ruffle some feathers, but he felt they were important to share because he knew other men would agree.

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Furthermore, Bergholz blamed society and the world we live in for women acting like this. “I feel like girls aren’t allowed to be like that in today’s world,” he said. “Instead, it’s like, I feel like society forces them to be these, like, workers.”


He did not take time to consider whether or not women actually liked being workers.

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Bergholz’s video received a lot of backlash.

Multiple women were quick to defend those of their gender against Bergholz’s comments. One TikToker, Krystle Channel, wanted to know what was so wrong with women being picky about who they spend their lives with.

“What’s wrong with wanting a man who has his stuff together financially?” she asked. “He needs to shame women who are looking for men who really have their stuff together.” Women are waking up and men are noticing, but they’re still playing manipulative gaslighting guilt tripping games because we choose not to believe the lie and the delusion anymore. They’re not hard to spot. Just listen to them talk 😃.#greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound -

Channel further argued that this actually represents a movement in men who have become upset with women because they are waking up to the truth, so to speak.


“Changes are happening, women, because this guy is noticing it,” she stated emphatically.

Another TikToker, known as @valleygirlliz, also shared her thoughts on the video.

“You don’t seem to want a woman who has her own autonomy, or her own opinions, or her own views or her own values,” Liz said.

Liz argued that because Bergholz didn’t want a woman who had her autonomy, he wanted a very specific type of woman.

“So what I’m hearing here is that you don’t want a woman, you want an oppressed woman,” she said.

The 1800s are not a time we want to return to.

It does seem especially concerning that Bergholz pointed out the 1800s as some kind of golden age. It was during this time that women had the fewest rights.


A Newsla article from the Atlanta History Center stated, “Women did not have the power to make contracts, own property, or vote. A woman was seen merely as a servant to her husband.”

As time went on, women fought for the hard-earned rights they have today.

Knowing that there are men out there who feel this way is concerning, to say the least. Women have so much more to offer than just taking care of a house.


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