30-Year-Old Man Who Lived The 'Good Life' Traveling In His 20s Now Has Little Money And No Career

He's ready to put down some roots.

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Everyone takes different paths in life. For some, starting a job right out of school is best. Others need some time to learn more about the world. 

One man who decided to spend some time traveling is now wondering what to do with his life after turning 30.

A man who spent his 20s traveling the world is unsure of what to do with his life now.

In a since-deleted post, an anonymous man turned to Reddit for advice after spending a good portion of his life traveling without any stable roots.


The man said he “finished a university degree [at] age 21” and “got rid of all possessions and packed a backpack with 800 pounds to my name.”

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He then spent some time traveling, doing various odd jobs, and volunteering across Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Then, he said he “returned to England with no money, looking after my elderly grandpa whilst working in a supermarket, with the aim of saving up enough to travel to South America.”

First, the man spent some time in Spain. “Went to Barcelona to do a teacher’s assistant program and a few private English classes for nine months,” he said.

Then, his dream of going to South America came true. He continued, “Went to travel and volunteer around Colombia, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, Peru, Bolivia and Chile for a total of one year [and] seven months, spending roughly 2,900 pounds. Learning Spanish along the way, meeting hundreds of people and gaining multiple life experiences, near death experiences and memories.”


After spending some time visiting family and seeing Norway, he was on the road again, traveling through Buenos Aires and Uruguay. 

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He was forced to return home when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and worked as a landscaper.

The pandemic did not hinder him for long, though. He soon found his way to Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, and Australia.


The man did a little more traveling, some solo and some with his girlfriend’s family, before he hit a big milestone.

“Turned 30 whilst housesitting in Switzerland, with very little money to my name, no job, profession or career, but having lived one [expletive] of a good life so far,” he explained. “But now I feel uncertain about the future, about a career, money, security and balance.”

This man has lived nearly a decade as a nomad, seeing the world and living his life without any real rules. He realized at 30 that it was time to put down some roots and figure some things out, but he was just not quite sure how to do so.

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It’s not too late for this man to start over and reinvent himself.

It’s easy to read this man’s story with a judgmental perspective, especially if you have followed a more traditional path in life. However, it’s always best to keep an open mind. In this case, keeping an open mind means believing that he can start over his life now that he’s turned 30 and is ready to find more “security.”


According to Master Class, “It’s never too late to start over because change is a natural part of life … While external factors like age and time are out of your control, internal factors like your mindset are in your control.”

Master Class pointed out that there are plenty of strategies to use to start over, like setting goals and working with a life coach.

There are also plenty of jobs that are good for people who want to travel


This man did not waste time by traveling. Instead, he gained invaluable life experiences that he probably never would have had otherwise. Now, he can follow a more traditional path if he chooses to or continue to defy expectations.

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