Man Sparks Outrage With Claim That People Who Don't Have Kids Have More Free Time

No kids does not mean no responsibilities.

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A father has sparked a fierce debate after publicly assuming that people without kids have all the free time they could ever imagine and every opportunity right at their fingertips. 

People were quick to point out that just because someone is childfree, does not mean that their lives are free from responsibilities. 

The man declared that people who don’t have kids have more free time. 

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), influencer Alex Cohen posted the controversial thread that has been viewed over 4 million times. “I don’t think people without kids understand just how much free time they have,” Cohen wrote. 


He then listed everything that adults without childcare responsibilities should be doing to make the most of their supposed free time. According to Cohen, if you do not have kids you should be: 

1. Hitting the gym 5 times per week. 

2. Have a social life. 

3. Be working on 3-4 interesting hobbies

4. Traveling as much as possible. 

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“You have all the time, there is no excuse,” he added. 

As expected, Cohen’s post caused an uproar. 

The backlash was swift from both parents and those without kids.

“People without kids can be:

1. Disabled 

2. Under/over employed

3. Caretakers for others 

4. Minding their own business.” one X user commented. While another simply stated the obvious, “It’s ridiculous to presume that people without children have more free time.” 



One user flipped the script on Cohen with a list of everything parents should be doing with their kids.


“OOOOH! Unfair expectation game? My turn!

1. If you do have kids, you should:

2. Be attending all of your kids sports games & practices, clubs, and activities.

3. Have a full and comprehensive knowledge of all your kids' friends, their activities, engagements, and idiosyncrasies.

4. Be working on 3-4 crafts weekly per child.

5. Taking kids on as many outings, trips, and vacations as possible.” 

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Just because some people do not have children to look after does not mean that they have the luxury to do as they please with endless amounts of free time. 

They still have mortgages to pay, deadlines to meet, and groceries to buy, all while taking care of themselves physically and mentally. 


Just because they do not have children to worry about does not mean that they are not caretakers. They could have pets or sick parents. 

Work can even be more stressful for childless adults, as they are often not given as much leniency as their colleagues who are parents. In fact, childless employees are more likely to be denied time off, required to work later, and given heavier workloads, per a survey conducted by ResumeLab. Additionally, employees without children are less likely to get pay raises and promotions. 

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This is because there is a false assumption that when one does not have children to take care of, they are less likely to need financial support. But what about basic living expenses, groceries, medical expenses, and home maintenance? Beyond that, why should a detailed budget of how anyone chooses to spend their money impact their salary?

People like Cohen can easily fall into the trap of believing that childless adults simply have everything they want at their fingertips. 

Life also does not have to stop once you have children.

Other parents argued that they are still able to do all of the things Cohen listed that only childless adults would be able to do. “I have a three-month-old daughter. I’m traveling with fam. Hitting gym. Working. Doesn't have to stop,” one X user revealed. 


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“You should still do that with kids. Or at least try to. Making time for yourself and your spouse is important. Living by family helps,” another user wrote. 

It’s all about balance. Even if you have children, it is still possible to continue doing everything that you did before, even if it is less frequent than it used to be. 


However, you should never abide by a list of the things that you should be doing from a random man who does not know anything about your life on social media. 

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