Man Shares 'A Day In The Life Of A Tradhusband' Video — 'My Role As A Husband Is To Look Good For My Wife'

He and his wife are working to challenge traditional gender roles.

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Tradwives, or traditional housewives, are all over social media right now. It would be difficult to find someone who hasn’t heard of the trend promoting a return to traditional gender roles in relationships.

One of the places this trend is particularly prevalent is TikTok. This app is also where one husband and wife are working to change people’s perceptions about what gender roles are supposed to be.


A husband and wife duo highlighted the gap in gender equality by making a 'tradhusband' video.

Maya and Hunter Leppard are the faces behind the popular TikTok account @maya.and.hunter. On their account, they share pieces of their somewhat unconventional relationship. 

As they explained to the Pepperdine Graphic, Maya works for her family’s business while Hunter attends law school. While still in school, he has embraced the title of “stay-at-home husband.”

Recently, the Leppards took their acceptance of modernized gender roles to a new level with the introduction of “tradhusband” videos on their account. In these videos, Hunter satirized what a "day in the life" would look like if he were the reverse of a tradwife, a tradhusband.




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“Welcome to a day in the life as a tradhusband,” he said at the beginning of one video. “I wake up bright and early to get ready for the day before my wife wakes up.”

Hunter continued poking fun at tradwives and the values they glamorize in their own videos. “My role as a husband is to look good for my wife,” he said. “Wouldn’t want her leaving me for a younger man at the office.”


Hunter filmed himself getting ready for the day while he stated, “My wife works so hard to provide for our family that the least I can do is make myself look presentable every waking moment of our marriage.”

Hunter then began his daily routine, starting with getting coffee and breakfast for Maya “while she catches up on the headlines.” Hunter parodied the typical relationship between men and women, and stated, “I am so thankful to have a wife who keeps up with politics and current events so I don’t have to worry my pretty little mind on what to think about such complicated issues.”

“For those of you who disagree with our lifestyle, that’s okay,” he said. “My wife and I just gravitate toward more traditional roles, like how it’s supposed to be.”



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Hunter ended the video by saying, “Gentlemen, let us remember that our role in marriage is not to be lesser than our wives, but to respect and submit to them no matter what.”

The Leppards’ videos are meant to be good-natured while also striking a chord with viewers.

The Leppards are certainly not trying to offend anyone. While their tradhusband videos drip with sarcasm, they are infused with humor to show other TikTokers that they aren’t meant to hurt feelings. However, they certainly are meant to start conversations.



As the Leppards have taken such a contemporary approach to gender roles, it’s no surprise that they disagree with the tradwife trend. Hunter boasts about being a stay-at-home husband while Maya works, after all.


The Leppards’ videos seem to ask: If we are working towards a world filled with greater gender equality, how can we possibly take steps backward through more traditional trends? They also highlight the absurdity of some of these antiquated ideals by showing how ridiculous they appear when flipped to the male side of the equation.



By making videos as a tradhusband, Hunter showed the world that it’s okay to eschew traditional gender roles.

The best relationships work because each person has communicated and agreed upon a partnership that is fair and fulfilling based on what works for them.


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