Man Pays $67 For Two Bottles Of Water And A Cup Of Coffee At A Trendy Hotel

It turns out, you gotta pay to play.

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Podcaster Mike Majlak appears to have built his social media presence by loudly expressing manufactured outrage about various socio-political and cultural issues. 

He recently took a trip to Las Vegas, where he shared his experience in what he claimed was “the biggest criminal situation I’ve ever been involved in.”

The man paid $67 for two bottles of water and a cup of coffee at a trendy hotel.

Majlak posted a TikTok in which expressed his incredulous distaste for how much water and coffee cost at the Las Vegas hotel he stayed in. 


He made the claim that charging $67 for two Fiji waters and a paper cup of coffee at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Las Vegas was “criminal.”



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He zoomed in on the receipt, showing an itemized list of what he paid for beverages. He paid $14 for half a liter of coffee with sugar. The Fiji waters he ordered cost $16 each, totaling $32.  The subtotal for two waters and a coffee was $46, not including the dining charge, the service fee, or the tax. The dining charge was listed at $9; the 18% service fee came out to $8.28. The tax for the drinks was $3.85.

Majlak didn't leave a tip, according to the receipt. 

The Fontainebleau Hotel in Las Vegas was initially developed for $3.7 billion, making it the second most expensive resort on the strip.



The development process for the hotel spanned 15 years, beginning in 2007 before the project fell into bankruptcy amidst the Great Recession. The resort has over 3,600 hotel rooms and a 173,000 square-foot casino floor. 


Of course, charging $67 for two water bottles and a cup of coffee, which in itself is essentially water, is outrageous. Yet some of Majlak’s followers questioned both his logic and common sense, as a trip to Vegas is a notoriously high expense. 

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"Welcome to Vegas," one person exclaimed. 

“The crazy part is that you signed,” commented one person. “Read everything before opening,” advised someone else. 

Another person wondered why he didn’t check the prices before consuming anything, as he’s 38 years old and presumably understands how a hotel operates, even though it appears that maybe, he actually doesn’t.


Man Pays 67 Dollars For Two Bottles Of Water And A Cup Of Coffee At A Trendy HotelPhoto: MART Production / Pexels 

The reality is that he had the extra income to take a trip to one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. He made the conscious and active choice to drink bottled water instead of tap water. He ordered a coffee to be brought to his hotel room, which someone had to make for him, then transport to him. Sure, it's a fairly simple task, but does that really translate into not paying people for their work?


After he’d gotten what he asked for, Majlak made the decision to be neither compassionate nor generous and left no tip

Instead of compensating the hotel worker who brought him the $67 drinks, he publicly complained, which leaves certain inquiring minds wondering who really has the right to be outraged.

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