Man Makes Garlic Shrimp Mash In An Airplane Bathroom Using Batteries And Wires — All During A Flight

When the airplane snacks just don't cut it.

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Many of us have heard stories about passengers doing crazy stuff during flights. However, one man may have taken it to an entirely different level. 

The man shared how he was able to prepare garlic shrimp mash in an airplane restroom. 

The man, who has been dubbed by followers as The Bathroom Chef, but calls himself Barfly on TikTok, is an amateur chef who found his niche in scratch meals made anywhere and everywhere but the kitchen, including bathrooms, laundry rooms, and hotel rooms. 


In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 525,000 times, the man revealed how he managed to pull off what he called the “mile-high bathroom garlic & shrimp mash” during his flight. All he needed was two 6V batteries, water, and the airplane restroom. 



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“Well, I’ve got a terrible idea!” the man admitted while on the way to the airport. “I’m a little nervous!” 

Although he had his doubts about getting the ingredients through TSA, by some miracle, airport security did not bat an eye, and Barfly made it through without further questioning. 

Once well underway and permitted to move about the cabin, he grabbed a paper sick bag from the back of the seat and headed into the restroom. While inside, he filled up the sink with water and used the 6V batteries that were wired to an immersion beverage heater, to heat the sink water. 

Once the water was hot enough, the man opened up the bag of shrimp on the changing table and placed them in the sink. He then seasoned the water with garlic sauce and salt to give the shrimp more flavor. Once cooked, he placed the shellfish onto a pile of napkins on the side of the sink before preparing the instant mash. 


Man makes garlic shrimp mash in an airplane bathroom using batteries and wiresPhoto: LeventKonuk / Canva Pro

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Using just his hands, the man mixed up the water and instant mash before it transformed into a solid. He then placed the mash into the paper sick bag, along with the shrimp, and mixed up his masterpiece for added flavor. 


The man went back to his seat to enjoy his meal which he deemed a "success."

Many people were concerned about the smell the garlic shrimp mash caused on the aircraft. 

“Imagine being the next person in line to use the bathroom,” one TikTok user noted. “That had to have stunk up the entire plane,” another user wrote. 

More importantly, and obviously, others pointed out just how gross the whole cooking process was. The germs in the bathroom alone combined with eating out of a sick bag taken straight from the plane's seatback was beyond unappetizing to watch.

Most people were wondering how the man even made it past TSA with his batteries and heater hidden in his carry-on. 


“They take my 75mL bottle of pure vanilla extract but you’re allowed to bring a series of wired batteries and heating elements,” one user shared. “TSA dropped the ball,” another user commented. 

While the man’s idea certainly was inventive and he did think of everything to prepare himself a tasty meal in the air, we would encourage others not to try it themselves. 

Not only are airplane restrooms especially germy due to high traffic but there are other passengers to consider. They could have a shellfish allergy, or become ill at the smell of garlic shrimp mash spreading through the airplane. 


It is best to wait until you’ve reached your destination before you start cooking. Until then, the airplane snacks will have to do. 

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