Man Argues That Being Attracted To Someone For Money Is 'Less Superficial' Than Dating Someone For Looks

Is one really less superficial than the other?

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People have a lot of opinions about romantic relationships. Oftentimes, these opinions are controversial. One man proved this to be true when he shared his thoughts on what’s really superficial in a relationship.

A man said that it is 'less superficial' to be attracted to someone because of money.

A man posted in the “Unpopular Opinion” subreddit to share his thoughts on superficiality in relationships. 


“Being attracted to someone for their money is less superficial than being attracted to someone for their looks,” he stated.



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He elaborated on the opinion that he shared. “Being attracted to someone because they have money is seen as superficial or low, but most relationships start with something more superficial … physical attraction,” he said.

At least with money, you know your life will be comfortable and [there] is a chance that [they] earned that money from being hard-working or intelligent,” he explained.

Commenters on Reddit were split in their reaction to the man’s opinion. Some felt like he had a good point.

“This is the first ever post that’s changed my opinion in the history of the Internet,” one person said. “They’re both a type of superficiality, but you’re right that going for looks alone is definitely more superficial,” another person said.


Others weren’t so quick to agree with the man. For example, one user said, “I’m not sure how people can equate being physically attracted to a person, vs. being attracted to something in someone’s possession.”

Then again, some had a more nuanced opinion. One poster said, “If you’re attracted to someone only because of their looks or only because of their wealth then it’s superficial … However, both of those criteria can be important when it comes to choosing a life partner.”

Money can’t necessarily be used as an indicator of intelligence or work ethic.

Part of the man’s argument was that “[there] is a chance that [they] earned that money from being hard working or intelligent.” However, this is not always the case.



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According to Investopedia, “Intelligence appears to have no direct correlation with wealth.” To illustrate this point, they compared “famed NBA player Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. (who is wealthy) and Christopher Micheal Langan, an American with a very high IQ (who is much less wealthy).”

Furthermore, money does not necessarily denote hard work. Someone can work very hard at a blue-collar job and make less money than someone in the corporate world does. Or, someone can take a minimum wage job because it is the only option available to them and work incredibly hard.

Presuming that money is an automatic marker of intelligence or level of hard work might be the most superficial thing about the man’s entire post.

How important is money, really?

Money is very important, but it all depends on your perspective on it. PNC Bank noted, “A good match for you might clear those initial relationship hurdles, but you could eventually hit a snag if your money personalities turn out to be anything but a perfect match.”




Therefore, if one person in a relationship considers money to be more important than the other, it could lead to conflict. If one person is making all of the money while the other is coveting it, that’s also a sign things might not work out well.

Ultimately, what’s important in a relationship is unique to each person. Some people may indeed feel that money is a contributing, or even a deciding factor to their romantic happiness. Others may rely more on physical attraction. Some may even eschew both.


Regardless, one is not more important for society as a whole.

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