3 Authentic Life Hacks To Help You Reach Your Full Potential

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Life Hacks For Success

What affects your views of success? 

External influences may include other people’s values, social media and cultural norms. The good news is that you can learn how to pursue your own authentic paths to success.  

Such powerful motivation from within yourself will suffuse your actions with meaning and purpose. It also encourages and sustains the success unique to you that you truly want.

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How To Pursue Authentic Paths To Success

No matter how you define success, these times of accelerating change can overtake conventional characteristics of success such as wealth, status and power. 

Even interests in security and stability are now in competition with the post-paycheck economy

The pandemic’s continuing ambiguity and accommodations have led to new ways of working online and offsite. With flexible hours and locations, these circumstances provide tempting tastes of freedom from dictated rhythms and requirements that became a way of life for generations.  

As a result, quality of work-life, agency and wider choices have changed assumptions about how work should and can be done.

The results include combinations of new opportunities, distractions, detours, delights and anxiety. 

Naturally, your reaction will vary based on your circumstance. To move beneficially through such ambiguity, you need to learn how to use, adapt and enrich your chosen path.

Here are the 3 ways to pursue authentic paths to success: 

1. Access your capacity for courage.  

Imagining and testing authentic paths to success that have meaning and purpose for you will benefit from listening to your heart,  mind and intuition. 

By attending to each, you will make your capacity for courage more apparent. To do this, the following definition of courage, based on my dissertation research, will give you one bridge to further appreciate your current strengths and potential.

Courage is a process of becoming that involves the willingness to realize your true capacities by going through discomfort, anxiety, fear, or suffering and taking wholehearted, responsible, action.  

So, one way of linking to what success means to you is to attend to yourself first by continuing to realize your true capacities. That’s where your powers and choices are especially accessible. 

How to appreciate and generate your true capacities starts with reviewing what you have done well and enjoyed doing as specifically as possible. 

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Imagine you're interviewing yourself about this. Perhaps even record what you say. What key themes and words emerge?  

Whatever you choose to do, identify your main values, skills, and abilities.  They will become more apparent as you think about the two or three accomplishments that give you the most pride.

Reminding yourself of your strengths and unique characteristics is a way of pursuing one path to success. The process will continue to put you in touch with the possibilities and riches within you as they unfold. 

Continue cultivating them further through learning, conversation with yourself and others, and action.  

As a courageous person, explore beyond what’s obvious or comfortable. Avoid limiting yourself with false modesty. You can do that by modeling your enthusiasm and accomplishments while encouraging another person to do the same. 

The mutual benefit from the process is repeatable with other connections you value. 

To keep pursuing your authentic path to success, other people will be key.

2. Nurture your relationships.  

Assess the range of healthy, balanced relationships you have and want in your professional and personal life. They will provide access to a range of ideas and experiences to share.  

Once mutual trust and empathy are clear, they're sources of other connections and insights. This all contributes to your progress and success as you invest in and benefit others.

Yet, the realities of your responsibilities, time, and energy make it important to choose your connections selectively. Then, the commitment to improving and influencing specific, worthwhile relationships you have will be possible. 

And you’ll have space to bring some new varied people into your life.

To keep supporting your evolving and freshening vision for success, experiment and test collaborating with others for mutual appreciation, assistance, and sharing.  

Your open conversations and experiences with people you trust, enjoy, and respect will support win-win results for yourselves and your shared communities.

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3. Stay alert to your contexts and environment. 

This third path to success benefits from anticipating and understanding shifts and changes around you that disrupt or make a positive difference in your life. Choose several topics and situations that could be significant for the present and future. 

Follow them online, through periodicals and people in the know. To choose appropriate action, identify concretely what will support your authentic ambition and what would not.

Imagine a few scenarios. For example, challenges and problems related to child care can affect family and work options. 

As you explore widely and deeply, surprise yourself by going beyond the predictable and comfortable, the routine and reactive. 

For example, type a range of keywords and phrases into search engines to open paths to a few, new listservs and unexpected, challenging sources.  

What do you need to learn about and do to prepare yourself and bring a modicum of security in these sometimes scary times?

Be your own futurist by snooping around in short, regular spurts. Let curiosity reign rather than overwhelm yourself with dire, unconfirmed imaginings that eat up precious time and energy. 

Also, let go of matters and issues beyond your immediate reach or influence for now. 

Walk your three paths. 

Creating paths to success means cultivating and sustaining your capacity for courage. As you attend to and appreciate your own powers, you’ll build the foundation for improving, deepening, and expanding your relationships

To continue preparing for a successful future, stay alert for what’s happening and coming down the pike in your situation and environment.   

The three paths to authentic success described here will expand choices and promote accomplishments that have meaning and purpose for you. 

In turn, that scaffolding for success will support what you want and express who you truly are as you continue your adventure of living a good life.  

When and how will you honor your true capacities?

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Ruth Schimel Ph.D. is a career and life management consultant and author of the Choose Courage series on Amazon. She guides clients in accessing their strengths and making viable visions for current and future work. Obtain the bonus first chapter of her seventh book, Happiness and Joy in Work: Preparing for Your Future and benefit from your invitation to a free consultation on her website.