People With The Most Trustworthy Personality Type Share These 5 Dark Traits

ISFJs have a few flaws.

Last updated on Feb 01, 2023

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Every Myers-Briggs type has their own unique dark side, and the ISFJ personality type is just one prime example of this.

ISFJs are one of the most caring and loyal personalities. They always look out for others, are humanitarians at heart, care deeply about others and want people around them to succeed.

Though they are considered the do-gooders of the Myers-Briggs types, their negative traits seem to be the exact opposite of their core personalities.


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5 Dark Traits of the ISFJ Personality Type

1. Hyper-independent

ISFJs strive to be independent, but they also tend to take it to a whole new level.

They want to prove that they don't need assistance when, in actuality, their minds are racing because they don't know how to handle most situations by themselves. Their independence makes them feel secure and headstrong, and they don't like the feeling of being told what to do.


But ISFJs have to realize that no matter how strong they are on the inside, most people need help; they can't do everything by themselves! Teamwork is essential for life, in general.

2. Unpredictable

Will you be happy, sad, excited, or mean? For ISFJs, the people around them are constantly left guessing.

Being unpredictable can cause problems in their life without them even realizing. ISFJs run on their own schedule and aren't afraid to let everybody know. But their behavior can seem kind one day and cold the next.

An emotional mess, people tend to be afraid of what ISFJs will do next. And their unpredictability can have dire consequences.

3. Easily stressed

When stressed, ISFJs don't know how to handle themselves.


They like to work at a pace that is right for them, relying on a schedule or pattern to get through the day. If a task emerges and they are not prepared for it, they leave it up to another person and try to avoid dealing with it at all.

ISFJs need ways to cope with their stress, and handle difficult situations or it will ruin them completely.

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4. Competitive

ISFJs look at everybody and see competition. Being competitive isn't all bad, but it's not okay to be competitive to the point where it negatively affects the people around you.

Yes, life is a competition, but it's teamwork that makes the dream work in today's world. Working together gets the task done in half the time and builds stronger relationships with peer groups.


ISFJs must realize that giving is better than receiving, and taking credit for everything and being pushy to get what you want never sits well.

5. Timid

ISFJ's self-esteem needs a lot of work — there is no getting around it. When they are asked to get in front people or speak up, they freeze and shut down. Half of the time, they need people to speak for them, and would rather hide under a rock than confront somebody.

Self-esteem is essential for any person to have, especially the ISFJ personality. Confidence helps you achieve what you want in life and makes people stronger when bad situations occur.


Having no self-esteem makes ISFJs an easy target for bullies and people to take advantage of.

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