People With The 'Mastermind' Personality Type Share 12 Specific Traits

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Myers-Briggs personality profiles are fairly accurate depictions of what make our personalities, well... ours. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has been used to help teach people communication lessons, point out their strengths and weaknesses, and even help people find love.

There are 16 personality types in the Myers-Briggs spectrum, but few are as interesting as the INTJ personality.

INTJ Meaning

INTJ stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging — and those are really the traits that define this personality type.

INTJs are one of the rarest personality types in the Myers-Briggs personality assessment, and they’re known for being the “Masterminds” of the MBTI.

These individuals tend to find themselves thinking about complex math problems, deep puzzles, and other intellect-using topics. INTJs tend to make decisions based on logic, are intellectual by nature, and look at the big picture in situations.

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Because INTJs have such high standards, they come off a bit judgmental and insensitive. They also have a tendency to be arrogant and feel superior due to their excellent problem-solving skills, analytical way of thinking, and disassociating from people they believe aren't as intelligent as they are.

Still, INTJs dream big and work extremely hard to reach their goals. They can achieve any challenge thrown their way, with the ultimate goal of improving their world, and the world for others around them.

Overall, INTJs are extremely controlled, introverted and confident, but also tend to be perfectionistic, single-minded, and don't handle others' emotions well.

Positive & Negative INTJ Personality Traits

1. Intellectual

People might have called the INTJ a nerd in high school and, to a point, they're still kind of nerdy today. It's not a bad thing; in fact, INTJ personalities are incredibly smart in really tough fields such as math, science, engineering or law.

2. Problem-solver

Not only do INTJs love puzzles and doing activities that make them think, but they are also excellent at coming up with solutions to problems. Because they think analytically and logically, INTJs use their innovation and creativity to come up with ideas to improve the situation.

3. Introverted

For INTJs, people tend to bed, plead, and basically bribe them to socialize. INTJs are often incredibly introverted and may even dislike human interaction. As a result, most people struggle when it comes to finding a way to get them to party.

4. Quiet

INTJs are not the most assertive — at least not usually. They are quiet by nature, and will do what they can to not cause a scene or ruffle feathers. As a result, they might end up being too nice for their own good.

5. Conceited

If INTJs get sick of seeing people act in a way that doesn't match their own level of intellect, they'll often unilaterally make the decision to change things up. They have a certain limit to how much "idiocy" they can take, and this easily comes off as having a superiority complex.

6. Skeptical

In school, INTJs were the kids who were always asking why. In adult life, they also can’t stand rules... unless they make sense to them, and them alone. In this sense, INTJs are both fair and rebellious at the same time.

7. Condescending

People often say INTJs are bigheaded, arrogant, or snooty. They're not really any of those three; however, they like to keep their thoughts to themselves, can’t respect people who they feel are not very bright, and won't hide the fact that they feel this way.

8. Good listener

When other people have something interesting to say, INTJs will let them speak on it, especially if it relates to solving a problem. However, if there isn't practicality behind the subject matter or it's just small talk, INTJs easily tune out.

9. Judgmental

Sadly, this is often the “dark” side of the INTJ personality type. INTJs can be very judgmental towards people, and if they are left unchecked, they may end up causing strife because of it.

10. Awkward

INTJs have the hardest time with social skills and picking up cues. At times, they may even struggle to find friends because of it. Other times, they've been told it's difficult for them to "get" people.

11. Single-minded

INTJs are so focused on their ambitions and paying close attention to detail that they find it hard to multitask. Instead, they prefer to work on one project at a time, spending all their energy on this specific accomplishment.

12. Independent

INTJs spend a lot of time on their own, focusing on their personal passions and interests. Because they are a bit socially awkward and introverted, their own company is where they find the most comfort.

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INTJ Compatibility & Relationships

INTJs have the roughest time out of all Myers-Briggs personality types when it comes to dating due to their very unique needs.

Due to their propensity for being “lost in their heads” and for just being socially awkward, in general, they might not even recognize when someone is attracted to them.

To make matters worse, it’s extremely difficult for an INTJ to find someone who is on the same intellectual level as they are.

INTJs who have the misfortune of being bullied or having low self-esteem often end up with really unhealthy dating habits and models. At times, they may not even know how to “cry out for help” the way they need to.

They often feel there’s a transactional aspect to dating they need to exploit, or, in certain cases, they may give up on dating altogether. It’s worth noting that INTJs are often most attractive when they’re not trying to be.

That being said, INTJs are very good listeners and when treated well are often the perfect partner. They place a lot of emphasis on trust, morality, and satisfying their partners, at least on a logical level. When upset, they’re likely to either be blunt or turn inward.

Best Career For INTJ Personality

INTJs are incredibly controlled and structured individuals, and along with their hard-working attitude and attention to detail, they are incredibly devoted to their line of work.

Though they prefer to work independently, on a team they thrive as well; this is due to their excellent problem-solving skills and ability to strategize for the best possible outcome.

Critical and analytical, the INTJ at work does everything in their power to come out on top, coming up with ideas that change existing situations for the better. However, if the ideas of others don't fall in line with their own level of thinking, they are quick to tune out and dismiss any input.

Despite this, they prefer to work in environments that are structured, efficient, and among other people who are intellectual and valuable to growth. INTJs are able to make difficult decisions, can manage projects well, and are focused problem-solvers.

Because of this, the best careers for the INTJ personality type include careers in business, finance, law, design, or STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). An INTJ's ideal job can include a career as an accountant, architect, lawyer, judge, pharmacist, or doctor.

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Tips For Relating To An INTJ Personality Type

1. Engage in insightful conversation.

INTJs are typically found discussing intellectual topics and steering clear of small talk. When trying to connect with an INTJ, refrain from emotional points of conversation and instead focus more on logical topics.

Because INTJs don't do well handling emotional topics, or even the feelings of others, it's important to make a connection on an analytical level that's more their speed.

2. Pick your battles with them.

Due to their perfectionist nature, INTJs tend to argue about every point someone brings forward, especially if they disagree with it. But rather than taking offense to how they respond, let it roll right off your back.

If the INTJ individual is combative or argumentative about minute details, coming back at them in the same way will ensure you don't form an interpersonal connection. On that same note, if the INTJ wants a connection, they, too, need to let things go.

3. Spend time one-on-one.

Not one to find themselves among large groups of people, INTJs prefer to spend time at home or with a smaller group of close friends. This means that a one-on-one hangout is what will make them feel most comfortable.

Spending time together, just the two of you, also makes it easier for the INTJ to open up and connect with you on a deeper level.

Famous People With INTJ Personalities

  • Isaac Newton
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Jay-Z
  • Elon Musk
  • Jodie Foster
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Jane Austen
  • Lance Armstrong
  • Russell Crowe
  • Angela Lansbury

Is INTJ a rare personality type?

Though INTJ is not the rarest personality (that honor belongs to the INFJ personality type), this type is considered the third rarest personality out of 16 Myers-Briggs types. INTJs make up approximately 2% of the population, with 1% being women, making it the rarest type among women.

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